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Why A Tattoo Is A Great Birthday Gift

Here’s Why You Should Commemorate Your Birthdays With Tattoos

With tattoos becoming increasingly mainstream world, more and more people are considering getting themselves inked. However, they’re often looking for the right moment and the right reason to get a tattoo. 

What better time than your birthday?

Birthdays are a time of reflection on the past and setting goals for the future. When you mark the occasion with a birthday tattoo, you can set yourself up for an exceptional year ahead.

In fact, here are some of the top reasons why you might want to think about getting a tattoo on your birthday:

  1. A Permanent Mark For A Time In Your Life

For the big milestone birthdays, a tattoo can be an exciting way to celebrate reaching that age. The tattoo you get can be as simple as the age you’re turning—from 21 to 100! The permanent mark tells everyone that you’re proud of where you are in your life.

Your next birthday may not be a big one in terms of the milestones people generally acknowledge, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to commemorate the date. Maybe it was a year in which you achieved a goal you’d been working towards and this is the birthday you need to mark it on? Or perhaps you’ve been through a particularly tough time and are now coming out the other side of it and you want this birthday to signify the start of a new lease on life? Whatever the reason, it’s special to you.

  1. Tattoos Help To Tell A Story

The wonderful thing about tattoos is that they’re with you for life. Getting a commemoration tattoo each year on your birthday will help to tell the story of the life you’ve lived and are still busy living.

There are two great ways to tell that story. One is to start with a small design and each year build onto it based on your experiences over the last 365 days. The other way is to think of a design that sums up the year you’ve had and then each year you’ll be able to see the trajectory of your life. 

Alternatively, you could look ahead to the year coming and create a design based on what you want to achieve or get out of life before your next birthday.

  1. Birthdays Are A Time For A Fresh Start With A Fresh Look

Birthdays are often seen as a time to reflect on the past and start afresh with your goals for the future. People often reassess what they want out of life and how they’re going about trying to achieve those goals whenever they get close to their birthdays. 

With a tattoo, you can mark the moment you’re ready to start afresh.

Birthday Tattoo Ideas

There are so many ideas for tattoo designs that it can be difficult to work out what you should get, so we’ve come up with some birthday inspiration:

  • The Date

Tattoos with birthdates may be a bit on the nose for a birthday tattoo, but they’re very common. You are, after all, commemorating an important day—the day you were born. The date of your birthday may be just the idea you’re looking for as your first birthday tattoo.

There are also so many ways that you can do this kind of tattoo. You can go for the straightforward option with just the numbers in a minimalist font. Alternatively, you can use a font with plenty of flourishes to make the design of the tattoo really intricate.

  • Your Star Sign

If you’re into astrology, then your star sign is the ideal way to celebrate your birthday with a tattoo. You can go for the symbol, the picture, or the constellation. Over the years, you could even go for all of them and place each one on a different spot of your body. You also have some creative options for extra design, shading, and colour with these tattoos.

  • Your Spirit Animal

Animal tattoos are incredibly popular and can symbolize so many things about you, where you are in your life and how you react to various situations. This is an excellent option for a birthday tattoo because you can use it to solidify who you are and who you want to be moving forward from your big day.

  • A Motivational Quote Or Word

With this type of tattoo, you are taking the power of words with you every step of the way. It can be one word— faith, hope, smile— or it can be a full quote from your favorite author or a famous philosopher. 

The key is to pick something that you know will continue to inspire you every day. This is also the kind of idea that you can use again and again with each passing year, just pick a new word or quote each time.

  • A Symbol Of This Time In Your Life

Commemorative tattoos that reflect on a specific event or the way you feel about your life are a great choice for your birthday. The choice of your design will depend on what you want to commemorate or symbolize. 

For example, a heartbeat design can show how you’ve strengthened your body or overcome a serious illness or injury.

  • Your Age

If you want to tick off the years with a tattoo on your birthday, then finding a fun way to put your age into a tattoo design is an excellent idea. You could have a cake design and add your age above it. Another idea is to tattoo your age one year and then add in the new age above or below it when your birthday rolls around again.

Mark The Occasion With A Birthday Tattoo

It’s important to celebrate yourself on your birthday with whatever unique gift you choose.

Apk Ticket 

Of course, there’s no better way to show who you are and mark the special occasion than with a unique birthdate tattoo or a similar commemorative design. It gives you a wonderful way to show that this is the day you are celebrating, and you can show that off with pride.