Birds tattoos meaning

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Birds are freedom-loving beings and are often associated with positive qualities and values. So bird tattoos have been popular for years and are not out of fashion. There are a lot of variations of drawings: from a small but meaningful canary to larger-scale phoenix or eagle tattoos. Let's see how deeply and significant can be birds tattoo meaning.

The Meanings of Bird Tattoos

Of course, all birds symbolize freedom, the desire to fly, ease. They are independent and own so much space that a person can not even dream. Birds are the masters of the sky, so they represent self-sufficiency and freedom of choice.  

But besides the love of freedom, birds have deep spiritual and cultural meaning. From the point of view of spirituality, it is considered that birds are creatures that connect heaven and earth, air, and nature. The bird unites the universe, so it is associated with a kind of sacredness and all living things on the planet. By the way, in ancient times it was even considered that birds can carry a human soul after death to God, to heaven. The image of birds also has different meanings in different cultures. So, ancient Egyptians put the image of birds on the walls of tombs, as they believed that they protect the calm of the dead. On the other hand, in Greek mythology, they were considered symbols of power and represented a deity. 

Thus, the bird is a deep and meaningful symbol. Inking it to the body, you can attach a special meaning to such a symbol that will motivate you, remind of values, and give strength in difficult times.


The mythological creature Phoenix is a symbol of overcoming obstacles, rebirth, and perseverance. The Phoenix is tattooed as a strong amulet and a talisman given by the sun, which is able to maximize the earthly human life. Tattooing the phoenix means, to some extent, a deep consciousness carrier of the fact that everything in this world comes back develops in a spiral, and events are repeated, differing only in conventions and scales.  

This bird has become a symbol of the strong human spirit, which is in eternal struggle with life's difficulties and obstacles. Thanks to its colorful appearance, the phoenix can be very beautifully depicted in a variety of tattoo styles. Most often the Phoenix is tattooed in large sizes so that such tattoos are always visible and attract attention. So what could be better if such a tattoo has a deep meaning for you?



The bluebird always and in many cultures symbolized happiness. Bluebird is the most popular sign of good luck, health, prosperity and joy. So in difficult times, you can ink the symbol bluebird as an omen of happiness. 

Since a bluebird has a bright blue color and is a very beautiful bird, it is popular among tattoo lovers.


With its bright colors, goldfinch has earned its association with joy and positive emotions. This bird is the embodiment of enthusiasm, liveliness, love of life. It is believed that people who wear the image of goldfinch are cheerful and happy in life. 


The symbolism of blackbirds is largely due to mythology. It is in myths that blackbirds' ability to travel between the world and the afterlife was described. That's why blackbirds symbolize mystery, magic, and the spiritual world.


First of all, the chicken, the hen, the mother. In the tattoo, this bird will represent the prototype of motherhood. It symbolizes a strong woman who is able to independently raise their children and will never give them a grudge. The chicken can even become a symbol of the matriarchy. Chicken with chicks symbolizes not only motherhood but also the blood relationship with loved ones. A man with such a tattoo - a good child and a great parent, for which the family - that's it. 

In Africa, she was a guide to the afterlife; she was used as a victim to summon spirits. In Europe - a symbol of fussiness, maternal care.


Crane is a very common figure not only in the world of tattoos but also in the world of mythology and culture of different peoples. Like a multifaceted stone, this figure has hundreds of different meanings and we will consider the most popular of them.  

Cranes have several meanings and symbols:

  • endurance;
  • wisdom; 
  • spirituality;
  • vigilance;
  • longevity.


Dove is first and foremost a symbol of peace and love. Such connection of the dove with the world is caused by religious history about Noah, when the dove, which flew with an olive branch in its beak, brought the message of reconciliation of the elements and the end of the flood, that is about peace. Therefore, if you depict the tattoo of a dove with a twig in its beak, it will, among other things, symbolize victory and success. 

Swarms of doves live in family groups, so doves are also often associated with family values and strong family ties. It is believed that doves find a couple and live with them for the rest of their lives, raising their chicks together. Therefore, the image on the tattoo of two doves will symbolize family happiness, strong love, loyalty, and devotion to the person they love. There is also a wedding tradition where doves are released into the sky during the celebration. It symbolizes a long and happy family life of newlyweds, so the meaning can be transferred to the tattoo. 

In many ancient myths and legends, the dove was a companion of the gods. So ancient people in various arts represented Aphrodite and Cupid next to this bird in order to emphasize the constancy and sweetness of these inhabitants of Olympus. According to some historical sources, the ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite was born in a chariot filled with doves. Therefore later people began to decorate themselves with a tattoo in the form of a dove to enrich this goddess of love.


Characterized by great strength and vision, the eagle has become a symbol of the gods, bravest warriors, and a messenger of the sun. This bird has always been considered the lord of the air.  Tattoos with the image of the eagle are associated with domination, power, strength, courage, spiritual strength, vision, and grace. Particularly spectacular looks soaring eagle with outstretched wings, symbolizing freedom. And even such a tattoo hints at all that its owner is quite belligerent and without a fight will not give up. 

eagle tattoo meaning.


A falcon is power and victory, unshakable confidence in its strength. In most peoples, this large and beautiful bird was the embodiment of divine power, imperial and royal power. The Egyptians believed that the eye of the falcon had magical properties to protect it from evil forces. Just as a falcon was revered as a king of birds, it was the embodiment of the rising sun and the beginning of a new day, a new era. The falcon is a symbol of strength and freedom. A man with such a tattoo achieves his goals, pulling the victory from his rival. Sketches with a falcon soaring high in the sky, symbolize foresight and wisdom. Such men and women always calculate the situation ahead and then take advantage. The sketch with the diving falcon can be seen in a motivated man. The image of a bird on a tree means searching for opportunities.

tattoo falcon meaning.


tattoo hummingbird meaning.

The hummingbird is the smallest, but perhaps one of the most beautiful birds on earth. It's very fearless, energetic, and stocked. 

An inked hummingbird tattoo symbolizes: 

  • optimism and cheerfulness;
  • tenderness, quivering, lightness;
  • spirituality - hummingbird was attributed to a magical connection to the world of the supernatural;
  • energy and vitality - hummingbird is elusive, with the ability to fly fast in different directions;
  • a positive attitude to everything that gives life;
  • lightning speed, mobility, purposefulness;
  • patience, persistence in achieving a goal;
  • the ability to accomplish impossible tasks;
  • sincerity, openness;
  • joy, happiness, harmony;
  • the openness of character, sincerity;
  • raising public awareness.

The drawing indicates a calm, easy acceptance of life.


tattoo owl meaning.

The general meaning of an owl tattoo is to reflect the craving for nightlife, mystical and otherworldly knowledge, and the need to become wiser. 

What else does an unusual tattoo mean?

  • Tattoos and owls are a symbol of wisdom and prudence. For many people, the tattoo becomes a talisman for all sorts of evil, enemies, and evil thoughts.
  • The Chinese point to the negative meaning of an owl tattoo. It means death and misery. Such thoughts are based on the fact that Chinese wisdom says that chicks of owls can even puke out the eyes of their own mothers when they are sick or exhausted.
  • Sketches with an owl are associated with cannibalism, all because owls are killers of their own kind.
  • The value of an owl tattoo in India suggests eternal life. According to the inhabitants, after its death, the bird necessarily transforms into another living being and continues to live on the sinful ground.


tattoo parrot meaning.

Parrots are some of the most beautiful and brightest birds in nature. They have colorful plumage and attractive appearance. So it is not surprising that parrots are often the choice of tattoo enthusiasts. Such a tattoo can not only decorate the body but also emphasize some qualities of its owner. 

People who make parrots tattoos are funny, carefree, not prone to depression men and women. Such a tattoo can be worn by men and women with a cheerful, optimistic nature. The meaning of the parrot tattoo can also be deciphered as talkativeness and desire to imitate others, as these characteristics are peculiar to this bird.

Among couples in love, you can often find an intimate image with parrots inseparable. Such a picture symbolizes devotion and eternal love, it is perfect as a wedding or pair tattoo. Having chosen a partner, the inseparable spends his life with him. It is difficult to bear the death of the other half, very longing and soon leaves behind.


The tattoo of a sparrow can rightly be called a classic old-school tattoo. The meaning of the sparrow's tattoo in the modern world has been transformed into a sign of energy, endurance, and unquestioned optimism of the one who tattoos this bird.  

tattoo sparrows meaning.


tattoo swallows meaning.

The image of a swallow on the body symbolizes the home, home comfort, positive changes, protection from all difficulties. A more common meaning - a sign of luck, a swallow is still depicted with a horseshoe or clover with four sheets.

For couples, the swallow in the nest will symbolize love for the family. If the bird on the tattoo is depicted in flight, it means that the person wants to be free and independent. 

Feather & Birds Tattoos

Separate this type of tattoo depending on what feather is selected for the application. There are two types of feathers:

  • indian;
  • various birds.

Indian feathers have no connection to a certain kind of birds, they fell from heaven and landed on the human body. In general, such tattoos mean faith in inner power and immortality, given, depending on different nuances - either life wisdom, or ease of consciousness and soul, or a strong connection with the spirits of ancestors.

Placement Options

Birds are stuffed on all kinds of body parts. If they're big images, they choose their back, hips, breasts. Smaller tattoos are stuffed on arms, leg, neck, collarbone, scapula. 

  • My back. The phoenix, eagle, parrot look very nice and bright on the back. These birds are often depicted in bright colors, in large sizes, in interesting and unusual styles. Such pictures look unbelievable!
  • Wrist. Little birds on their wrists mean tenderness and a reminder of freedom. It's not usually a specific bird, but its image, its shadow. A flock of birds is often stuffed on your wrist. 
  • The hip. It is an ideal place for a medium size tattoo of a sparrow, swallow, pigeon, falcon, or hummingbird. 
  • Chest. The symmetrical image of a bird with outstretched wings on its chest is associated with a freedom-loving personality and thirst for independence. 

The bird is an excellent choice for creating a meaningful, and beautiful tattoo that will give you hope. You have already learned the meaning of different species of birds. When making decisions, pay attention to our selection of bird tattoo ideas. Be inspired and ink the tattoo!