In ancient times tattoo was used for symbolic representation of hidden images and sacral meanings. And although over time, the stigma of tattoos loses its relevance before tattooing, some are interested in their meaning.

Here are some examples and ideas of tattoos with powerful and deep meaning:


Roses are applied to the body of both men and women, and to different parts of the body. The rose is a symbol of love, youth, perfection, and beauty.

The meaning of the rose tattoo.

Depending on the peculiarities of the image of the rose and the place of application, its meaning may differ:

  • the golden rose is a symbol of perfection;
  • blue - symbol of eternal dreams and aspirations;
  • paired flowers - a sign of loyalty and devotion to the relationship;
  • the knife next to the rose - says and reminds the owner of his passionate feelings.
The red rose is a symbol of true love romance admiration and passion.

It should be noted that each individual part of the rose has a different meaning. The leaves of this flower indicate joy, the flower - glory, but the thorns - sadness. Variants of application of this perfect flower can be mass. It is could be drawn on the wrist, back, leg, shoulder, and scapula. It all depends on the imagination of you and your master.


Today tattoos with the skull are very popular and diverse. But with a variety of sketches and formats of the image of the skull increases its possible values. For example, a rose with a skull means the unity of death and love, and the skull and the snake is immortality and knowledge.

Tattoos with skull.


Variants of the image of a cat on the body:

  • Cheshire cat (symbol of positive);

    Colorful and black and white tattoos of a Cheshire cat.
  • Egyptian cats;

    A tattoo of an Egyptian cat.
  • black cat;

    A black cat doesnt necessarily mean failure.
  • cat's paws;

    Cats paws mean tartness and playfulness.
  • cat's head.

    The head of a cute cat meaning tenderness.

The meaning, in this case, depends more on how the cat is depicted. It can symbolize both tenderness in case of a nice and small cat, and also the ability to stand up for yourself if you inked a cat that is preparing to jump.


- a type of tattoo, especially common among girls. The diamond applied to the body indicates strength of character, outstanding willpower, high social status, courage, and possibly impregnability.

A photo of a tattoo of two diamonds.


The meaning of the wolf tattoo - courage, bravery, loyalty, endurance, freedom. The wolf is often chosen by people who are independent, strong, loyal to their family and friends.

In this case, the value may vary depending on the nature of the sketch:

  • the wolf that howls at the moon means loneliness;

    The wolf that howls at the moon.
  • an animal with a grin - aggression, strength, and rage;

    The wolf with a grin.
  • the wolf in the jump stands for purposefulness;

    The wolf in the jump.
  • the she-wolf is loyalty and care.

    The she wolf.

Dream catcher

It is believed that this guardian protects man from the interference of evil spirits in his life. Hence the widespread image of the dream catcher on the human body. Thus the owner of this tattoo wants to protect himself from evil spirits. It is believed that the higher the tattoo - the more significant force has such a catcher. Therefore, the catchers are often depicted on the neck and shoulders.

Remember! The sacral meaning of tattoos today is not as strong as in ancient times. You can get a tattoo that you like and put your own and special meaning into it. If your goal is to originally decorate the body without any signs and symbolism, do not betray the meaning of the tattoo at all.