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Lettering tattoos

Tattoo styles 5 min read Last updated on August 9, 2020

This is a style of artistic tattooing in which a word or phrase is depicted using different fonts. Lettering tattoo style is essentially the art of drawing letters. The artist can use an existing font as a basis, but in most cases, they create new ways of depicting letters. Therefore, lettering style of tattooing is closely linked to the art of calligraphy.

Popular tattoo sketches are names; quotations from films, songs, and books; meaningful or significant phrases; and initials. In any case, these tattoos are likely to have a special meaning for its owner.


  • Each letter has its own unique slope, thickness, and dynamics
  • Inscriptions are in black and gray colors, complete with decorative elements
  • To create compositions, font images are used to complement graphic details
  • There are no restrictions – it is possible to draw and combine several fonts, to add graphic elements to letters to achieve whatever composition a master may desire
  • The image can be very large (the width of the back) or small (on the fingers or wrist)
  • Lettering looks best as a whole composition because it lends a seemingly ordinary inscription some mystery

In the past, this style was just one of the elements of the Chicano style of tattooing. But in recent years, the importance and attention to the letters in such increased significantly.


  • Infinite Stroke
  • Chopin Script
  • Great Day
  • Letter Ctaft
  • Dayles
  • American Traditional
  • Gibrael
  • inuTattoo Script
  • La Forest
  • Shanthika
  • Ropstone

Lettering tattoo as a style also has its subtypes because in this style of tattooing, different styles of fonts exist such as old school, gothic, or serif fonts.


  • The size of the drawing. Depending on whether you want a small inscription or a whole lettering sleeve, choose the font and style of your future inscription well.
  • Tilt. Think about whether you want an inscription made in italics or done in bar type fonts.
  • The font. The inscription can be brutal or lightweight.
  • The thickness of the line. You can write a word with thin lines or you can make a three-dimensional tattoo using thick and massive lines.
  • Color. Traditionally, lettering tattoos are black and white with shadows. But the use of color, in general, is allowed. Some artists work with a technique wherein letters stand out against a colorful background. With the right level of skill, these tattoos also look striking.

Today, many artists who previously worked on and created fonts have entered the world and art of tattooing and now make unique tattoos, bringing new life to the style. Therefore, the choice of an artist is crucial. Ideally, find someone who specializes in font tattoos.