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Fine Line Tattoo as a New Tattoo Style

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Fine line tattoos have become hugely popular over the last couple of years. These are drawings using very thin lines and lighter and softer strokes than usual. Often they are not shaded at all. The technique of fine line is to create a very delicate, fine, and subtle design using very small needles. This makes the tattoo lines appear thinner than usual and the design looks very light. This technique is great for minimalist work. It cannot be done with regular needles, but new thin needles such as 3RL or 1RL make it possible.

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They are mostly black and gray. However, many add colored details. The colored fine line tattoos take on new colors, not unlike other colored tattoos, and strikes with fine lines and a lot of details, which are interesting to look at, attract the eye with their tenderness, and look spectacular!

Fine line tattoos look gentle, almost weightless, discreet, and delicate. As a rule, they are small miniature single drawings. However, sometimes the authors of such tattoos manage to create a larger ornament from thin lines, including fine line sleeve tattoos, and patterns on the hips, back, etc.

Fine lines can set any subject in a picture. Often there are fine line tattoos with oriental and plant motifs found in nature. Also, flowers are one of the favorite themes of girls in tattoos.


The fine line tattoo style won the hearts of tattoo lovers just a couple of years ago. Thin, thread-like tattoos have become popular and loved for their delicacy, graphics, and neatness. They are very gentle and light. And just for a couple of years, the number of artists, giving preference to this technique became much more. However, this technique is not very pleasant to work for many artists because of the peculiarities of the needle construction, which differs from the usual one. Moreover, by tattooing thin lines, it is much easier to make a mistake, than when performing thicker lines. It demands a lot of experience, attentiveness, and accuracy from the tattoo artist.

Therefore, wanting to get a fine line tattoo, it is better to look for the best fine line tattoo artist in your area, that is, someone who specializes in creating drawings in this style and technique.


As a rule, an estimate of the tattoo cost depends on the number of hours needed to create it. Accordingly, a small tattoo will take less time. But, given that the fine line tattoo technique requires more focus and attention, a session may take longer. The cost will start at $150 and will average out to $250.


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Do Fine Line Tattoos Age Well?

As you know, after healing over the years, tattoos tend to fade and lose their brightness of color. Miniature tattoos will be no exception. Tattoos on different parts of the body may also behave differently. For example, on areas with a low percentage of fat (fingers, wrists, neck, ankles) any tattoo will almost inevitably lose its former brightness over the years. To keep such a tattoo “fresh”, it will be necessary to make corrections every few years.