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9 Simple Chicano Tattoo Ideas that Fit Almost Anywhere

simple chicano tattoo ideas

The Chicano community has repeatedly struggled to maintain the status quo and assert their rights since they feel rejected.

They arose and made their own way through the world using a variety of methods, including their artwork.

Numerous historical examples show how prevalent Chicano art trends were in American jail and gang culture.

These exquisite tattoos served as a visual depiction of the individuals’ beliefs, and their anger at the prejudice that society shown towards them.

Chicano art is hugely popular nowadays, particularly when it is applied as tattoos.

You might be considering having your own tattoo in the Chicano fashion, but you want something more straightforward and compact. It might be a little difficult, but hopefully we can assist you.

In this article, we will be looking at some ‘simple’ Chicano tattoos, listing some pieces to give you some inspiration, as well as taking a look into the history of this tattoo style.

What Are Chicano Tattoos?

One of the most well-known tattoo trends is the Chicano Tattoo style. Despite the fact that Chicano artists’ designs are typically monochrome, they yet have a vivid and distinctive appearance that makes them instantly recognized.

Chicano tattoos are frequently applied to parts of the body like the sternum, shoulders, back, and arms, that offer the artist a broader canvas to work with.

This is accomplished because these designs frequently demand a large enough surface to fit all the detail in due to their being so complex.

Due to this, it can be difficult to find ‘simple’ Chicano tattoo designs. Even the most simple, smaller designs of this style are filled with vast amounts of detail.

Heavy black inks and slick colors of gray are frequently used in Chicano designs to create shadows and rigidly defined outlines.

These dark, dismal images are frequently created using themes and symbols in high contrast illustrations. 

Brief inscriptions, depictions of clowns (the Masks of Comedy and Tragedy are frequent), and portraits of young women’s features are often prevalent in this particular style.

Religion, specifically Christianity, is also sometimes depicted in these designs, e.g., the Christian cross. Additionally, weapons are also sometimes displayed, e.g., guns.

The History Of Chicano Tattoos

Mexican immigrants who came to the US in the 1940s are said to have influenced the Chicano style. Americans used the derogatory slang terms ‘Chicano’ and ‘Chicana’ to refer to immigrants from Mexico.

Later, people of Mexican descent inherited these words, and by the 1960s, they were widely used.

At this time, the ‘Chicanos’ were designing and donning tattoos with effect, and it finally developed into a well-known look that everyone would recognize.

The Chicano society’s financial position improved as a result of the integration of the Chicano population into the American military.

This ultimately, and unintentionally, assisted in the growth of the Chicano tattoo artistic movement.

Inspiration For Simple Chicano Tattoo Designs

This issue with wanting a simple Chicano tattoo is that this isn’t a style that is known and recognized for being ‘simple’.

Chicano art pieces are often filled with lots of intricate details, including plenty of line work and shading. 

Most Chicano tattoos, most notably the images of young girls’ faces, are extremely realistic. It can be difficult to simplify these kinds of tattoos, or even make them smaller.

This is why so many Chicano tattoos are strategically placed on large places of the body, e.g., the back.

Below, we have created a list of 9 Chicano-styled tattoo designs that are smaller scale, and include less detail than the average tattoo in this style.

This design combines the popular motifs of the young woman, and the clown. By placing it inside a heart shape, it condenses the image, whilst keeping it creative.

If you’re looking for a smaller, simpler tattoo in the Chicano style, a piece of text may be perfect. Most designs in this style use two words or fewer.

While there is a lot of detail in this piece, the artist has used fine line and dotwork rather than creating an ultra-realistic design with shading.

Again, this design combines two themes by creating a girl’s face in the style of a clown. If you wanted, you could add text to the top of her head.

A small piece of text in the Chicano style would fit perfectly on your hands, especially in the space between your first finger and your thumb. 

Here, we have a Chicano styled design of the Masks of Comedy and Tragedy; a popular design all around the world. 

Having a loved one’s initial in the Chicano style, surrounded by floral imagery, is a beautiful, simple design.

This idea of an angel with their own tattoos is so cute, yet perfectly displays the Chicano style that we know and love.

Lastly, here is a design that is so simple and tiny that not many people would notice it at first glance. It is still incredibly powerful.

Final Thoughts 

It can be quite difficult to define the Chicano tattoo style in a handful of words, but there are many motifs and themes that are typically associated with this type of artwork.

Some of these include religion, weapons, short pieces of text, and young girls’ faces. Most Chicano tattoos will combine two or more of these themes.

Something to keep in mind, when it comes to Chicano styled tattoos, is that they are often filled with lots of intricate details. For this reason, it can be difficult to get a small or simple Chicano tattoo.

However, as we mentioned above, there are ways to do this. You may want to get a small piece of text on your forearm, or an image of the Christian cross on one of your fingers.

There are ways of including the Chicano culture without having a large piece of ink that covers a large part of your body.

So, if you prefer having dainty, smaller-scaled tattoos, we recommend taking our advice, and figuring out to get a smaller-scaled piece of ink for your own body.

This may involve including fewer details, and choosing an appropriate area of your body to accommodate the image.

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We hope you found this article helpful.