Tattoo quotes

Those who want to put a special significance and meaning into their tattoos often choose tattoo quotes. It reminds about something special, known only to the owner of such a tattoo. It motivates every day and lifts the mood if at some point you dropped hands. Besides, a tattoo quote is a great choice for your first tattoo.

Whether it is a quote about love, life, willpower, life principles, or a quote from a favorite movie or book, it will definitely become something special on your body.

We have collected the top inspirational and popular tattoo with quotes for you. Our review has ideas for girls, men, families, paired tattoos and many legendary phrases from famous people. So, let’s start!

  • universal tattoo quotes;

    universal tattoo quotes.

  • tattoo quotes for girls;

    tattoo quotes for girls.

  • for men.

    tattoo quotes for men.


Where to tattoo a quote?

The most popular places to get text tattoos are on the wrist, on the back, along or across the spine, on the neck, on the ribs (under the chest or on the side), outer arm, on the clavicle and chest, on the buttocks, on the shoulders and forearms.

What are some powerful quotes?

The strongest meaning will be the quote or phrase that you respond to the most. For example, the phrase "Make it happens" that everyone can understand in their own way.

How to design a quote tattoo?

You can take inspiration from the photos we have collected for you or ask a master to draw a customized sketch for you. You can also come up with your own. See which style you like best. Choose the font for your phrase. You can add to your sketch of tattoo a flower or a pen.

Where do quote tattoos look best?

The inscription looks best on the outer arm, back along the spine or ribs. But it all depends on what kind of tattoo you plan to fill and in what style.

The choice of tattoos in the form of inscriptions amazes with variety. It can only be one word, phrase or even quatrain of your own performance. Each one of its own!

Do you like inscription tattoos?