Tattoo ideas 7 min read Last updated on May 25, 2020

Insect tattoos present a creative challenge and test of the tattoo artist’s skills. Of course, compared to animals or flowers, tattoos of bugs and spiders in the world of tattoo art are less common. However, these tiny creatures carry no less room for the realization of unusual ideas than animals!

Choosing the right design for such a tattoo is not an easy task, because there are thousands of options as well as a variety of styles to choose from. However, the more common insect tattoos are black and white sketches of insects made in styles ranging from geometric, ornamental, finishing, and blackwork to realism and traditional styles. There are also colored insect tattoo ideas, such as a bright green praying mantis on the shoulder, or a colorful butterfly on the shoulder blade.

The most popular of all insect tattoos are those of butterflies, dragonflies, bees, spiders, ladybugs, scarab beetles, and ants.

Below we have compiled tattoos of different insects in different styles and techniques.

Butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is the undisputed leader among insect tattoos. Tattoo artists are not immune to this dainty, multicolored winged beauty that has long attracted artists and poets.

Dragonflies tattoo

Dragonflies tattoos look no less beautiful than those of butterflies. Dragonflies are often inked on as one of the elements of a sleeve, that is, the whole composition.

One of the oldest and most popular symbols is that of the scarab beetle. This symbol arose in Ancient Egypt and its original meaning remains unchanged. It is still considered as a symbol of the power of the sun, immortality, resurrection, reincarnation, and the pursuit and achievement of a higher goal.

Ladybugs are known to be gentle and harmless creatures.

Ant tattoo

At first glance, not everyone would want to have an ant tattoo. However, in many countries the ant symbolizes courage, order, and patriotism. One admirable trait that ants have is that they can withstand weights heavier than their own bodies. Hence, ants are also seen as symbols of strength.

Spider tattoo

Spider tattoos can be made in different styles, from cartoon to realistic to 3D. Likewise, the kinds of spiders are very diverse, so they can be depicted as peaceful and defenseless or as dangerous creatures in tattoos.

One of the most common places for insect tattoos is in the chest area. Women get tattoos between or under their breasts, while men get tattoo insects in the solar plexus area.