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Hieroglyphic tattoos have been around for so long that it’s hard to pinpoint when they began to be popular. Such symbols are attractive due to their unusual form, minimalistic approach, and mysterious meaning. Sketches of hieroglyphs are popular among both men and women. But what is the secret meaning behind the original symbols?

Hieroglyphs are symbols depicting ancient languages and practices. These tattoos are tricky since one wrong stroke can completely alter the meaning. Keep reading to find out the trending hieroglyph tattoo ideas.

Hieroglyphic tattoos are actually inscriptions. However, the main difference between using symbols and the Latin alphabet is that the words written using symbols like Chinese and Japanese characters look much more stylish than the usual image of words using a standard font.

Hieroglyph tattoos can be easy to ink on, depending on the design. The most popular words and phrases chosen for such tattoos are often a person’s credo. On the other hand, using complex compositions consisting of several hieroglyphs, one can even tell a whole story, with multiple themes and a unique plot.

Popular Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese hieroglyphs

Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphs are the most depicted ones in artistic tattooing. However, Korean and Vietnamese symbols are also used. The Chinese language is the most difficult because of its symbol variety and stroke intricacy. One Chinese character can mean a whole phrase, and different character combinations can change the meaning of the characters. Japanese hieroglyphs are easier, while Vietnamese hieroglyphs are rarely used today.

Egyptian hieroglyph tattoos

Egyptian hieroglyphs deserve special mention. Egyptian-style tattoos are amazing in their simplicity and fascinate with their mystery and various meanings.

These simple sketches of real images from tombs and temples are very popular. This may be due to Egyptian writing being one of the oldest writing systems in the world. Moreover, some of these ancient writings have remained unsolved for so long that they remain shrouded in mystery.

Egyptian hieroglyphs tattoos are also popular among fans of Egyptian culture, history, or mythology. According to ancient legend, in the antediluvian times, Thoth, one of the supreme gods, imparted knowledge of all things using hieroglyphs.

Sketches of hieroglyphic tattoos can represent both single and composite characters. Both phonetic (letters) and logographic (one word = hieroglyph) characters are used to create a tattoo. Egyptian hieroglyphs can be written both from left to right and vice versa, or even vertically. Black ink is usually used for these tattoos for authenticity.


The neck remains the most popular place for hieroglyph tattoos, but they can be successfully placed anywhere. Other excellent options are the hand, ankle, forearm, shoulder, and behind the ear.