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Tattoo ideas 9 min read Last updated on August 27, 2020

Check out our collection of the best and most popular tattoo ideas for women of the year 2020—you might just be inspired to create your own!


Minimalism and a clean aesthetic are trending in tattoo art right now. Silhouettes, flowersinscriptions, partial landscapes, and animals (especially birds)—these are all images which are sweeping the tattooing world, especially tattoos for women.

If you choose a small sketch, choose a tattoo artist well so that the contours and lines of your body art remain crisp and clear over time. Small tattoos have a tendency to get blurry, a fairly common problem, which can be prevented by the proper selection techniques, colors, and machines that a tattoo artist would be well familiar with.


Paired, well-chosen, and well-sketched tattoos are always cute and can be moving, not just for the bearer of the tattoo, but also the one who sees it. For sisters, you can choose images of flowers, animals, the yin and yang symbol, the moon, or a heart as sketches. Let the special sisterly bond you share and your imagination decide for the two of you!


On the arm

The hands are the most common body part for tattooing among women. The wrists, forearms, and shoulders are very often the first place where women choose to get their first tattoo. Should the owner wish, these initial tattoos can eventually be made into whole sleeves!

Hand tattoos can either be small-sized or large, or a combination of the two in one composition!

Another popular idea for hand tattoos for women is a geometric-style sleeve. As a universal and timeless style, your tattoo will look stylish anytime, anywhere.

On the back

While this is not a common area for a tattoo in women (compared to the arm or leg), women who get back tattoos usually choose to get them done on areas near the neck and shoulder.

However, given its size you can get spectacular whole works of art done here! Nevertheless, even a small sketch on the back can look strikingly beautiful if executed expertly.

On the wrist

Tattoos of inscriptions look good on a woman’s wrist, as well as small ornaments tattooed on, forming a bracelet which can emphasize thin, delicate wrists.

Other popular designs for wrist tattoos include stars, delicate flowers, feathers, hearts, and wings.

On the leg

Smooth and dense leather allows any composition to be placed here, and they look bright and natural.

Tattoos are made on the feet, shins, knees, and hips.

On the shoulder

On the chest

Women often tattoo different patterns like mandalas below their breasts. The most common pattern women choose for this body part is the lotus.