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Tattoo ideas 5 min read Last updated on August 27, 2020

Family tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity as they are a way to immortalize love, memories of loved ones, and proclaim loyalty to one’s family. Such tattoos allow some people to express the feelings for their family that they may not have the courage to say, like "I love you" or “You are important to me.” While love for your family can be a given, it is always nice and better to hear it! But if they can’t hear it, you can let them see it via a tattoo honoring them. Keep reading to find the trending tattoo ideas for family!


The most popular and meaningful image symbolizing family is a tree. Firstly, roots of the tree symbolize a connection with the home, family, and ancestors. Secondly, in addition to roots, fruits are also depicted as the continuity of generations. These tattoos can either stand alone or be drawn as a group.


Some opt to convey the full range of their deep love and emotions using quotes. The best option for these tattoos have long been phrases in other languages. A quote can prove your serious and faithfulness to family values, ultimately showing that family is the most important thing in life for you.

Tattoo the word itself: Family

Many people choose to simply memorialize the word "Family". As a rule, men usually have it done, Chicano style, while women take a minimalist approach.

Names of family members

As a great and bold way to show how deeply one loves their family, parents often ink on their children's names; husbands and wives get tattoos of each other's names. These are usually done using beautiful fonts and are often supplemented with some kind of image.

Dad & Mom Tattoos

Parents can get very sentimental about the birth and growing up periods of their children. It is not surprising that as a sign of their immense love for their offspring, many mothers and fathers get tattoos of the names of their children.

A popular trend in the last few years is to get a tattoo of a drawing their child made.

Some parents choose to get tattoos of animals that have long become symbols of love and family. For example, wolves symbolize fidelity as these animals create and stick to only one family for life. Sometimes, couples also choose animals which they associate with themselves and their other half.

Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are a complete work of art and can be exact copies of family photos. Such tattoos occupy a large area (back, shoulder, forearm). Among men, it is popular to get a portrait of their mother on one hand and their father on the other.

If you are concerned about the photo coming out looking inaccurate and fear that the tattoo will be less representative as your family ages, you can opt to have a caricature or a children’s drawing of your family done. For originality, you can choose superimposed profiles of your family, or a silhouette of your family against the background of a building that resembles your home. Another idea would be a pleasant memory—like a picture of a father leading his son by the hand as viewed from the back.

Dare to create! And we hope this post will help you come up with your own ideas.