Tattoo ideas 6 min read Last updated on August 26, 2020

Birds are incredibly popular in the tattooing world, among both men and women. A timeless design, birds are one of the first images that people choose to apply to the skin, and with the development of the art of tattooing, bird tattoo ideas only grew in diversity as well as popularity.

The most common choices for bird tattoos are hummingbirds, owls, swallows, eagles, gulls, peacocks, parrots, and pigeons. While these tattoos can stand out on any part of the body, it looks best on the neck, back, or arm. A small yet bright image of a bird can also be inked on the shoulder, or you can place a large, colorful tattoo of several birds on the back with an inscription. Really, it’s up to your vision and the tattoo artist’s expertise.

Hummingbird tattoos

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Birds of Paradise Tattoos

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Bird tattoos on the chest

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