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7 Best Tattoo Aftercare Products in 2022 – According to Experts

for healing, moisturizing and preserving the brightness of all your tattoos

Best tattoo aftercare in 2022

Do you ever stop and think, ‘I am so lucky to be alive in the year 2022’?

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to think the opposite, with wars going on around us, social media taking over, the cost of living being at an all-time low, and the world seemingly breaking down with each passing year. It can be pretty difficult to stay positive at times.

However, think about it this way: imagine getting a tattoo done back in the 20th century, or earlier. It would have been way more common to get infections, or for your tattoo to become damaged by external factors.

In recent years, we have learned how to keep our bodies as healthy as possible, especially when undergoing procedures, such as getting inked.

Additionally, in recent years, pharmaceutical companies have produced some of the greatest aftercare products, allowing our tattoos to heal quicker and more efficiently.

So, there is a silver lining to being alive in the year 2022… we have more access to successful tattoo aftercare than ever before, meaning our tattoos will look better now than they ever would have before!

In this article, we will be discussing the basics of tattoo aftercare, as well as looking into the best tattoo aftercare products on the market today, in the year 2022.

So, let’s get into it.


After having tested most of the tattoo aftercare products available on the market today, we know exactly which ones are the best for your tattoo’s safe and quality healing. Our research and reviews are also based on data from webmd.comhealthline.com, and medicalnewstoday.com, which have done relevant research.

Updated January 1, 2022

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

When it comes to taking care of a fresh tattoo, it is crucial that you do everything in your power to preserve the image, and keep it healthy, as it heals.

There are two main reasons for wanting to take good care of a healing tattoo:

  • You want it to look good once it has healed.
  • You don’t want it to get infected.

Tattoo aftercare is simple, yet so many people fail to keep on top of the health of their healing skin. Overall, it is such as simple process to follow, and here is how you can take the best care of your tattoos while they heal.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your fresh tattoos clean and moisturized

This means gently washing your ink with fragrance-free, antibacterial soap and warm water, starting with once a day when it’s still fresh, and moving onto 2-3 times a day later on.

You will also need to keep moisturizing your ink on a daily basis in order to keep it from drying out. As the healing process goes on, the skin on and around your tattoo will begin to scab. By using a thin layer of fragrance-free moisturizer, you can keep it from getting too dry.

It is essential to remember that, for the first week or so following the initial tattooing process, you will need to avoid submerging the fresh ink in water. This means avoiding taking baths and/or going swimming, and keeping the tattooed area as dry as possible while you shower. 

You should also avoid wearing any tight clothing over the tattoo for the first month, or any kind of bandaging. Anything covering the tattooed area will cause it to sweat, as it won’t be able to breathe. Wear loose clothing around the area until it has fully healed.

So, overall, you will need to keep your tattoo clean, moisturized (but not wet), and open to air so that it can breathe as it heals.


As we mentioned earlier, you will need to keep your healing tattoo moisturized as it heals. However, we also mentioned that you should avoid using any moisturizers, lotions, or creams that contain artificial fragrances and perfumes.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as turning up to the pharmacy and picking up the first cream you find to use on your tattoo. You will need to know what you are looking for.

Below, we have listed 7 of the greatest tattoo aftercare products on the market today, in 2022. Take a look through, and think about ordering some of these ointments online.

Each of these products have been reviewed and approved by medical professionals and tattoo artists alike, meaning that you can feel confident knowing that these creams are safe to use on your healing tattoos.

So, let’s get into it. Here are the best tattoo aftercare products that can be found in 2022.


Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Aftercare Tattoo Balm, Helps Heal and Maintain Your Tattoo.

Hustle Butter needs to be at the top of the list when it comes to aftercare products for numerous reasons. This is the ultimate high tattoo aftercare item, which works well on both fresh and aged tattoos.

Contrary to other products on the market, it is safe to apply immediately after obtaining a tattoo to aid in healing and decrease inflammation. Additionally, Hustle Butter holds the power to revitalize ink, making older tattoos come to life.

This product uses only the purest materials, and is petroleum and paraben free, in addition to being verified as cruelty-free and completely vegan.

Professional tattoo artists from all around the world have endorsed Hustle Butter because of this product’s well-known healing and preservation abilities.

So, if you’re looking for an aftercare product that does it all, check out Hustle Butter Deluxe.


  • Vegan friendly.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Fast healing.


  • Quite expensive.


Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy – Best Price.

While it is all well and good, searching for the greatest products on the market, not everyone can afford the finest quality aftercare items. It can be difficult to draw the line between overspending, and settling for low quality products.

If you ask us, Aquaphor is not only one of the best aftercare products on the market in 2022, but it is also the most cost friendly. For a decent price, you can pick up this professional healing ointment made from quality ingredients.

For various skin care requirements, Aquaphor is an indispensable product. In addition to mending tattoos, it may be applied to dried, damaged skin as a moisturizing treatment, used as lip moisturizer, facial moisturizer, for mild treatment of wounds, and many other applications.

It has been medically demonstrated that this salve, which is intended especially for dry, impaired skin, will rejuvenate clear, smooth skin. In other words, you can continue using this product for various purposes even after your tattoo has fully healed.

This water-free treatment calms skin while forming a layer that prevents the circulation of oxygen, which fosters the appropriate atmosphere for recovery. 

Additionally, you may employ it without obtaining that uncomfortable, sticky feeling under your clothes since it is lightweight and non-greasy.


  • Extremely moisturizing.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Versatile usage.


  • Can be a little greasy.


INK-EEZE Green Glide – Best for Professional Tattoo Artists.

You may already have a preferred method of tattoo aftercare if you’re a skilled tattoo artist. There are a lot of items that are appropriate for healing ink, despite the fact that every tattooist will have their own techniques that may differ from the next person’s.

The Green Glide from Ink-Eeze, however, is one of the best products we believe is currently being offered in 2022.

This tattooing ointment is made with vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as botanical components, and is intended to be used both throughout the inking process and as an aftercare treatment.

Although Ink-Eeze offers items in different colors, such as purple and pink, we favor green. Lavender, licorice, green tea, pomegranate extract, and other natural components make up the vibrantly green goo known as ‘Green Glide’.

It looks like green slime when you first open the jar, the kind of thing you see kids playing with, but this product is really helpful. It can be employed as a lubricant when receiving a tattoo, as well as to calm the skin and form a moisture barrier during the healing process.

When applied as an aftercare product, however, it should be used sparingly. Only use small amounts over the healing ink, or else you risk suffocating the area.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Great consistency.


  • The scents can be irritating to sensitive skin.


TattooMed After Tattoo - Best Natural Tattoo Aftercare.

Products with excessive smells and chemicals should be the last thing you use on a healing tattoo, as we’re sure you already know.

The duration of time it takes for a tattoo to heal should be considered, and utilizing scented cosmetics will slow down the process. It could possibly even promote inflammation and infection.

We have to suggest TattooMed’s After Tattoo when it comes to tattoo aftercare items manufactured from natural substances. This product uses only organic components and offers the best aftercare as a result.

This medicinal tattoo cream can, and should, be applied the following day after getting a tattoo to soothe newly inked skin. The TattooMed After Tattoo product’s uniquely formulated composition can renew the tattoo more quickly by penetrating into the skin’s deeper layers. 

A small coating of cream is sufficient thanks to the active ingredient dexpanthenol (7%), which maintains the skin elastic and moisture. 

Additionally, the cream is not sticky or greasy after applying; it absorbs into the skin quite quickly, leaving you to feel comfortable after application.


  • Great moisturizer.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Highly effective.


  • Small packaging.


H2Ocean Aquatat – Best Moisturizer for Tattoo Aftercare.

It’s crucial to keep a healing tattoo moist, especially if you want your new ink to heal effectively and swiftly. Use only moisturizers manufactured from natural, healthy substances; avoid lotions with artificial fragrances.

Try Aquatat by H2Ocean, one of the more luxurious moisturizers on the market in 2022. In order to protect the skin from allergens while still permitting it to breathe, this lotion encapsulates the skin in a hydrating layer.

Additionally, Aquatat will lessen flaking skin while healing superficial skin traumas including tattoos, sores, scratches, and cuts. This comes in particularly handy when a tattoo is healing and starting to scab.

Since the brand is dedicated to employing natural, secure ingredients in their products, this lotion does not contain any alcohol or scents that could dry out your skin and irritate it. This indicates that using this product on skin that is healing is more than safe.

Since Aquatat tattoo care cream is ideal for usage prior to, throughout, and following the tattooing procedure, it is praised by tattoo artists and aficionados all around the world.


  • Great moisturizer.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Fragrance-free.


  • Contains petroleum.


Tattoo Goo – Best for Both New and Old Tattoos.

Some people believe that once their tattoo has fully healed, they may resume living their usual lives without having to maintain of their ink. This is just untrue; you must continuously hydrate the region in order to ensure that your tattoos continue looking fresh and appealing.

Due to this, it could be wiser to look for a product that will be helpful during the healing process and maintain the area looking nice after recovery.

All tattoos, both new and old, can benefit from using Tattoo Goo. There are so many options available with their products, and we suggest trying the soap, balm, and lotion.

The soap’s mild, pH-balanced recipe offers broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antibacterial coverage, while the balm the cream establishes a layer of defense that helps to restore the quality and health of your healing skin.

Last but not least, the Tattoo Goo Lotion With Healix Gold + Panthenol works to stop scab formation and accelerate up the entire process of healing.

We recommend checking out the Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit, as this includes everything you will need to keep your ink looking fresh forever.


  • Great price for three products included.
  • Great moisturizer.


  • Thin consistency. 


Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm & Aftercare Cream – Best Color-Enhancing.

The maintenance of color is a final factor to take into account while caring for your tattoos. Naturally, this only usually applies to those with colored tattoos, but it’s still necessary to keep even black ink looking new.

When you get a tattoo, the colored ink will deteriorate much more quickly than the standard black ink. You will eventually need to get these hues touched up, but for now, you may get by with a solution that promotes color improvement.

While no product will ever bring old color back into your tattoo, the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm and Aftercare Cream will do a good job at keeping your current hues bright and vibrant. 

This incredibly hydrating balm builds a barrier across the skin to effectively moisturize and calm your skin, while quickly enhancing the brilliance of the colored ink.

It can improve the richness, sharpness, and intensity of all of your tattoos while safeguarding the longevity of your ink, and avoiding ink fading.

For healthy, vibrant tattoos—both old and new—this salve is a blend of fatty-acid, butters rich in antioxidants, and lightweight oils that strengthen skin’s protective border while protecting it from damaging external factors.

As a result, you may trust Mad Rabbit’s balm even if you have delicate skin because it only contains natural components.


  • Great moisturizer.
  • Color enhancing properties.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Quite greasy.

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Tattoo Removal Aftercare

As time passes, many of us come to regret some of our tattoos. This can be because the graphics degrade over time, or it might be because you’ve simply outgrown the design as a person.

There are many motivations why someone might want to get a tattoo removed, but figuring out which method is best can be difficult. Many people opt for laser removal without being aware of alternative procedures.

In reality, there are three options for tattoo removal:

  • Laser removal.
  • Surgical removal.
  • Dermabrasion.

No matter which method you choose, you will need to follow up each procedure with a specific form of aftercare. 

As we just mentioned, laser removal is, by far, the most popular method. This may be because so many people believe this is the only method available, or because many individuals are aware that this is the cheapest option with the least amount of trauma.

So, below, we will discuss how you can take care of your healing skin following laser tattoo removal. Luckily, the process to taking care of skin following laser removal is almost identical to tattoo aftercare, so you’ll already basically know what to do if/when the time comes.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

The aftercare for laser removal is arguably the most comparable to how you would care for a healing tattoo of the three removal methods. 

As part of the laser removal followup routine, the affected area must first be maintained clean, sterile, and moisturized. This will promote quicker and fuller healing in the affected area.

For the first few of days, you should focus on keeping the area hygienic and dry. This means avoiding baths and swimming, as well as keeping the affected area out of the water while taking a shower.

To carefully cleanse the area, use tepid water and soap, and only use your hands. Use antibacterial, odorless products to reduce inflammation.

If the region begins to itch, you can get help from over-the-counter steroid treatments, like hydrocortisone. The overall discomfort and inflammation will be reduced by these therapies.

After the region has healed for around 4 weeks, you can return for a second round of treatment if necessary. Once having your second round of laser removal (or third, fourth, etc…) you will need to repeat your aftercare procedure.


Once your tattoo session has finished, you will notice that your tattoo artist will wrap your ink up before you leave the studio. They will also apply some sort of substance to your tattoo before covering it up.

Every tattoo artist is different, and this is important to remember. One tattoo artist may wrap your fresh tattoo with cling film, while another may use a thin cloth bandage.

As long as the material is thin, tight, and has been applied following using an antibacterial product to soothe and clean the area, you can feel safe knowing that your fresh ink is protected before you leave.

Your tattoo will need to remain covered for, at very least, an hour following the tattooing procedure. Your tattoo artist may ask you to leave this bandage on for longer than an hour. Again, each professional tattooist will have their own methods.

The important thing to remember is, no matter what your tattoo has been covered with as you leave the studio, you will need to be very careful when you remove it. 

When you remove it once you’re home, you will need to gently clean it with some warm, soapy water. Use your hands; avoid using a flannel, towel, sponge, etc., as any rough materials may harm your currently sensitive skin.

And, never remove your bandage sooner/later than the time period that your tattoo artist recommends.

You can learn about the soap by following this link. The rest of the remedies are briefly described below.


When it comes to choosing suitable aftercare for a tattoo, there are several factors that need to be considered. These include:

  • Moisturizing properties (how well it keeps the affected area moisturized).
  • Breathability (the thicker the ointment, the longer it will take the area to fully heal).
  • Ingredients used (natural ingredients are preferred, while scented/perfumed products should be avoided at all costs).

The 7 products that we listed at the start of this article meet all of these requirements, making them near perfect for tattoo aftercare.

Some tattoo aftercare products will contain petroleum; this is an ingredient that is quite common in many ointments, including the world’s most famous ointment, Vaseline. Petroleum jelly is great for moisturizing skin, and healing minor cuts and scrapes.

However, there are many issues with petroleum, which is why it is an ingredient that many people choose to avoid.

For starters, petroleum jelly is very thick. When applied to a healing tattoo, it suffocates it, making it impossible to breathe. This ultimately slows the healing process, making it harder for the tattoo to scab and heal over.

Mineral oil is another ingredient with similar qualities to petroleum. Additionally, these ingredients are extremely greasy, and take much longer to soak into your skin.

Therefore, you may want to completely avoid any products that contain petroleum or mineral oil. They simply have no use when it comes to healing a tattoo, or any major healing wound on your body.

Bottom Line

We have said this so many times, but it will never stop being true: you need to think of your fresh tattoo as an open wound. 

After all, that is exactly what it is. Your skin has recently been punctured with a needle repeatedly, injected with an unknown, unnatural substance, and now your skin needs to recover.

In order to keep your skin as healthy as possible, you need to invest in the greatest aftercare available. Luckily for you, you can scroll back to the start of this article, where we gave you our top 7 favorite tattoo aftercare products available in 2022.

Always remember to keep your new tattoos clean, dry, moisturized, and covered up (but not too tightly). Take care of your ink, and it will continue to look good for many years to come.

We hope you found this article helpful.