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How to make getting a tattoo less painful

It is the feeling of pain that stops many people from tattooing their first tattoo, which they need to endure during a session. The intensity of painful feels from tattooing differs depending on the part of the body, but in general, the tattoo is not painless almost never. Tattooing is the process of injecting a needle under the skin, painted with special tattoo ink. The skin, like any other body, reacts to this intervention with pain. Therefore, you won't be able to completely get rid of the pain during tattooing, but you can reduce unpleasant feelings to the maximum by resorting to our advice.

So, how to make getting a tattoo less painful? There are a few effective ways to reduce tattoo pain, we will tell you further.

But first, about the pain map...

There is a so-called pain map, which illustrates the most painful and rather unpleasant parts of the body for tattooing.

Tattoo pain map.

Areas with a small percentage of soft tissue are the most painful and make them tattooed most painful. These are the areas of feet, head, ribs, knees, elbows, clavicles, areola, and groin area.

Very painful
  • – Head (behind the ear, for example)
  • – Clavicle
  • – Feets
  • – Areola
  • – Ribs
  • – Elbows
  • – Knees
  • – Groin area
  • - Face
  • - Neck
  • - Palms and hands
  • - Stomach
  • - Ankles
  • - Inner thigh
  • - Rear rib area
  • - Back just below the blades
  • - Shoulder blades
  • - Wrists
  • - Middle thigh
  • - Buttocks
  • - Mid-back
  • - Shoulders
  • - External and inner areas of calves
Quite tolerable
  • - Calves
  • - Outer thigh
  • - Forearm
  • - Biceps

Note! Painful feelings may vary from one person to another depending on many factors, including the amount of fat tissue, skin thickness, location of nerve endings, etc. Thus, the individual pain threshold and body feature largely determine the intensity of the pain while the tattoo needle punches through your skin.

Effective ways, how to make getting a tattoo less painful

It is better to prepare in advance before the visit and stock up with additional products, which will reduce the intensity of pain.

The first thing we must tell you, contrary to popular misconceptions, is not to drink such popular pain pills as aspirin and ibuprofen. The fact is that they make the blood thinner. During tattooing, blood and lymph push out the ink, making it harder for the artist to work. Thus, the artist has to spend more time on work, and the tattoo becomes more traumatic and heals worse.

So what will help make the process less painful? We have a few recommendations.

How tattoo feels like?

Before the session:

  • Do not drink alcohol at least one day before the session. It seems that alcohol will reduce pain and help you relax. But it is not: the effect of alcohol on the pain threshold is unpredictable. Moreover, alcohol in the blood increases the risk of bruising and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • Rest well and get some sleep. The more strength and endurance you have, the easier the process will be.
  • Ask your tattoo artist about the process. Knowing what awaits you will rid you of the unknown, so it will help you to be prepared.
  • Do not drink a lot of coffee, strong tea, and energy drinks on tattoo day. This can make you feel bad during the session until you lose consciousness.
  • You should not get sunbathing in the sun or in the solarium on the eve of your meeting with your tattoo artist. The fact is that there is a risk of getting burned skin, even the slightest redness and irritation will prevent the tattoo process.
  • It is better to eat in a few hours. The more glucose, the better. It is desirable to avoid spicy or too salty food, so as not to drink a lot of water and not to be distracted during the session. You should create a comfortable environment for yourself and the master, and try to avoid distractions.

Deep breathing, relaxing, and comfortable positioning on a chair will help you when applying the tattoo. You should find it comfortable so as not to be unduly nervous.

How to feel less pain during tattoo?

What else affects the soreness of sensations?

  • Tattoo machine. It is believed that rotary machines create a slightly more painful feeling than induction machines, due to the fact that the needle in them is fed at right angles, and therefore for full and tight dyeing of the skin area on it should be done several times.
  • Licensed and experienced artist. The more advanced the tattoo artist will do, the less painful it will be: clear movements, fast work, knowledge of procedure nuances, and the ability to communicate with the client come with experience.
  • The density of the drawing. Needle bundles are used for filling and wide contours, which increases painful feelings. If you feel too afraid of pain, the best choice is a thin, minimalist drawing.
  • Tattoo's size. Small tattoos are inked in one session, so it makes no sense to tattoo small drawings in two sessions if you can withstand the pain at one time. In the case of large tattoos, another principle works. Over time, the pain becomes stronger because the tattoo artist can somehow touch the already damaged skin. It is better to divide the big, voluminous, and difficult work into two or more sessions. Rest and heal after the first session and continue with renewed vigor in a few weeks.
  • Use of special tattoo numbing creams (e.g. TKTX, Dr. Numb, Painless Tattoos Cream). Sometimes such products are used during a session. That is, when the client has already endured an hour or two of pain and can no longer stand, the tattoo artist can offer to use such a remedy if a certain part of the tattoo needs to be completed during this session. Before deciding to use this gel, check with your tattooist. First, many think that those gels degrade the quality of the tattooing. Secondly, perhaps it is simply not worth it. If you get a small tattoo, it is better to wait an hour or two but to get a quality and durable tattoo, which you will be happy with for many years.

The key driver that affects the pain feeling is fear. The important thing is to be positive, not to worry about unpleasant thoughts. Consider the upcoming session as a moment that will bring only pleasant emotions, because the appearance of tattoos is just such. According to practice, a very small percentage of people are limited to only one tattoo.

Finally, the shole tattoo will be finished, and soon after healing you will admire such a desired and favorite tattoo! We believe that even if you have experienced pain during a tattoo, then happiness and satisfaction with the end result will allow you to forget about the experience! Thus, if you follow our advice on how to make a tattoo less painful, there is a high chance to minimize painful feelings and get a quality tattoo without much pain.

How to feel less pain during tattoo?


What can I take before a tattoo to ease the pain?

You can take a Tylenol (AKA acetaminophen) before a tattoo to ease the pain. Or you can try a numbing cream during the tattooing. But don’t take other painkillers like aspirin or Ibuprofen because of their effect on blood thinning. And drink water a lot the day before the session.

What part of your body is the least painful to get a tattoo?

You can take a Tylenol (AKA acetaminophen) before a tattoo to ease the pain. Or you can try a numbing cream during the tattooing. But don’t take other painkillers like aspirin or Ibuprofen because of their effect on blood thinning. And drink water a lot the day before the session.

Does more muscle make tattoo hurt less?

Yes, it is true that the more muscles there are on the body part where tattooing, the less painful the sensations will be.

What does getting a tattoo feel like?

Each person has a different pain threshold, but many describe the feelings during getting a tattoo as a sting of a bee, many mosquito bites, slight burning, or scratching.