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Featured Artist Interview with Jenny Clark

Meet the Artist

Jenny Clark is the owner and resident artist at Turquoise Blue Tattoo, a shop located in Bournemouth, England.

She is currently teaching an apprentice, and running an all-women studio.

With 20 years of experience, she’s found her own illustrative style by combining elements of more traditional tattoo styles.

She works in color as well as black and white, and specializes in tattoo cover ups.

Her favorite styles to work in are neotraditional, and dot work but she utilizes

whichever technique is best suited for the client’s design idea. The subject of her art is fairly varied, but many pieces feature animals, portraits, ornamental and watercolor designs.

Aside from her many responsibilities at work, Jenny also has children to raise. Juggling work and childcare is definitely a challenge, but she handles it with grace. Balancing her work and home life means long days, but she’s gotten used to her packed schedule.

The Joy of the Job

Jenny says that the joy she gleans from her job makes the intensity of her schedule worthwhile. Her favorite part of her job is meeting so many different types of people, each with a unique design request. Her job is anything but monotonous, each day bringing new challenges and rewards.

Jenny learned her craft from an apprenticeship, as many emerging artists do. However the way she landed her first position was rather serendipitous.

It All Falls Together

Before Jenny began working as a tattooist, she wasn’t sure what to do with her art, or how to transform her passion from a hobby to a career. She was working as a driving instructor, a job she actually did find enjoyable, but nowhere near as much as she enjoys her current job.

She appreciated the flexibility it offered, and having control of her schedule. This became even more crucial when she began her apprenticeship, as it allowed her to make a living while still devoting the necessary time to learn tattooing.

The Student Becomes the Teacher

One day during a lesson, she got to talking with her student, who mentioned that she was a tattoo artist. They had a natural connection, and hit it off right away. Her driving student was looking for an apprentice, but hadn’t found anyone who’s art stood out to her.

Jenny took the opportunity to show her some of the art she’d done, and the rest is history. She taught her how to drive, and in exchange the artist took her under her wing.

As she started gaining more momentum working as a tattooist, she was able to slowly phase out her work as a driving instructor. It was the perfect set of circumstances to make it possible for her to pursue her artwork.

A Mutual Respect

One of the qualities that make Jenny Clark a great artist, is her patience and dedication to drawing a design that the client will love. She would much rather a client let her know if they’re dissatisfied with any aspect of the tattoo than just accept the parts that they dislike.

Though it can be frustrating to draw and redraw, she feels it’s key to ensure that the client’s happiness is the kind that lasts.

As an artist who does lots of cover-up pieces, it’s a pet peeve of hers when an artist is too stubborn in their design to give the wearer what they’d really want, or attempting something that’s out of their depth.

While the tattoo artist has a right to hold firm on their designs, at the end of the day the satisfaction of the client is a priority. A good artist will find a way to make the client’s requested alterations look exquisite, regardless of how different it is from their original design.

Contact the Artist

Reach out to Jenny Clark by email at the following address: jenny@turquoisebluetattoo.co.uk please, serious inquiries only. You can see more of her work on Instagram @jennyclarktattooartist to decide if she’s the artist for you!

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