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Featured Artist Interview | Sonya Feola De La Cruz

Meet the Artist

Sonya is a tattoo artist based out of Lubbock, Texas, and works in a variety of illustrative styles. She’s a big fan of bright color, and feminine lines.

Though the content of her tattoos is, of course, entirely dependent on the client’s desires, there is an element of whimsy and elegance present in all of her works.

Sonya has a background in portraiture work. Prior to her career as a tattooist, she made countless breathtaking creations on paper.

This eventually became her foundation for tattooing, aiding her as she branched out and diversified the subject matter of her art. Her portfolio is filled with a gorgeous array of botanicals, insects, and animals alongside her beloved portraits.

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Sonya didn’t always plan this line of work, in fact she went to school for civil engineering and computer science. Her family wasn’t always supportive of her decision to abandon that path and take up the art of tattooing either.

It took a while for them to see past their traditional views of the world, and accept that tattoos don’t equate to degenerate or criminal behavior.

“It took a while for me to separate the expectations that my parents set for me, and then do what makes my soul feel happy.”

-Sonya Feola De La Cruz

However, Sonya’s adventurous nature and aspiration to become a well rounded artist across mediums over powered the discouragement she faced.

Though Sonya has an engineering degree, she felt art was a higher calling for her. Her advice to everyone is simply to let go of the expectations of others, and live life true to yourself.

A Day in The Life

Sonya works in tandem with her boyfriend, another tattooist, which she’s grateful for considering the grueling schedules they keep.

Their shop insists on clients stick around for a while after their piece is done, to make sure they’re feeling well enough to get themselves home. After all, despite their beauty, a fresh tattoo is still a large open wound.

This means that if their session ends at 10pm, Sonya doesn’t leave until around 3am. While she cherishes the time this allows her to spend with her clients, keeping up this pace day after day is exhausting!

Over all, Sonya is enamored with her career. The decision to pursue art and tattooing has brought her an abundance of joy, and many interpersonal connections she may not otherwise have made.

Choosing to follow her passion has proven to have led to a happy and successful life. She’s got nowhere to go but up!

Contact the Artist

If you’re looking to get in touch with Sonya, you can find her on Instagram, @sonyafeolatattoos . You can also reach her directly by emailing her at this address: sonya.delacruz@gmail.com .

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