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These Are The Prettiest Ear Piercing Combinations To Try

Ear piercings are some of the most popular piercings a person can acquire, and they have remained timeless for centuries.

Did you know that there are, at least, 17 different types of ear piercings that you can get? There are so many different varieties available, and that’s not even including the types of jewelry that you can wear for each piercing.

In this article, we will look at some of the prettiest ear-piercing combinations you can get.

Types Of Ear Piercings

Before we look at the 10 ear-piercing combination, here are just 10 of the most popular types of ear piercings, and where they are positioned.



The lobe piercing is a single hole placed in the ear lobe (the lowest part of the ear).



The tragus piercing is a hole inside the cartilage of the inner ear, close to the ear hole.

Anti Tragus

Anti Tragus

The anti tragus piercing is placed adjacent to where the tragus piercing would be located, just above the lobe.



The daith piercing is a hole pierced through the thicker part of the inner ear cartilage.



The helix piercing is a single hole in the upper, outer part of the ear. 

Anti Helix/Snug

Anti HelixSnug

The anti helix piercing, often known as the snug, is a single hole pierced through the inner cartilage section towards the outside of the ear.



An outer conch piercing is a hole in the cartilage in the hollow portion of the ear.



The flat piercing is positioned between the upper rim of the ear, where the helix would be, and the flap of cartilage where the rook would be located.



A rook piercing is a hole placed through the thick ‘flap’ of the inner ear cartilage.



An industrial piercing consists of two holes in the upper ear, typically used to hold one piece of jewelry (an industrial barbell).

10 Prettiest Ear Piercing Combinations To Try

Now that you are familiar with the positioning of some ear piercings, here are a couple of stunning combinations that you should think about getting.

1. Triple Lobe

Why settle for a single lobe, or even a double lobe, when you can get a triple lobe? 

The best part is that you can get the three piercings in different shapes: you could go for a straight line, or you could have them positioned in a triangular shape!

2. Double Lobe And Double Forward Helix

We all know the old saying, ‘two is better than one’. These piercings back up this statement! 

The use of two lobe piercings and two forward helix piercings creates a sort of mirror-image effect.

3. Tragus, Double Helix, And Double Lobe

The double helix and double lobe combo looks great already, but by adding a tragus piercing into the mix, you are surely onto a winner. 

This is a stunning arrangement of studs and hoops!

4. Conch, Helix, And Flat

A conch and a helix pairing always looks good together, especially when hoops are placed in both. With a flat piercing added in between, the look feels complete! 

You could even add a couple of lobe piercings for further flair.

5. Tragus, Daith, And Triple Lobe

Next up, we have a triple lobe along with an inner and out cartilage duo: the tragus and the daith. 

When put together, these five piercings really compliment each other, taking up the area space of the lower ear.

6. Triple Lobe And Helix

A triple lobe with a helix works particularly well, as they are positioned on opposite sides of the ear. 

By spreading the piercings out, they cover all sides of the ear, creating a really beautiful effect.

7. Rook, Conch, And Double Lobe

The double lobe and the rook piercings look great alone, but it is the conch that really pulls the look together. 

By combining hoops and studs, you can create a really amazing look!

8. Single Lobe And Industrial

This is, perhaps, one of the more popular combinations that you are likely to see all around the world. 

These are both extremely popular piercings, and when placed together, they look so pretty!

9. Single Lobe, Daith, And Helix

The use of hoops in the helix and daith look great next to each other, and then the simplicity of the single stud in the lobe really pulls the whole look together!

This is an elegant combo that never fails to look great.

10. Flat And Triple Lobe

Lastly, we have the flat piercing paired with a triple lobe. In this picture, the ear is sporting two hoops and two studs, all with different styles. 

This looks so good, creating a quirky yet tasteful appearance. We love it!

Final Thoughts

We love all of these stunning piercing combinations, and we hope you liked them too. Do you have a favorite combination? Do you feel inspired by any of these options?

We truly hope you found our ear piercing guide helpful, and that you enjoyed our top 10 picks for the prettiest ear piercing combinations. You can also find some more ear piercing ideas in the video below.