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Dragonhawk tattoo kit and machine review

DragonHawk is the best-selling and most popular brand among Chinese tattooing equipment. Several innovative solutions have really filled the market with its products: Mast Tour, Atom, Mast Pen, Falcon, Archer, Extreme. All of these good tattoo machines are the most suitable for one function or another: The Mast Tour is a very short and compact pen, suitable for a compact palm, whereas the Atom is most often used for permanent makeup or shading.
DragonHawk started back in 2001, today it's a very marketable and quite high-quality brand, which embodies in its products the experience of these years. If your budget is limited, or you are a beginner and want to try tattooing, DragonHawk products will definitely not disappoint you. After all, such tattoo kits cost in the area of $50-100 dollars, and the results give excellent for the money.
Updated April 2, 2021

tattoo kit review

No Complications

With DragonHawk Craft coils tattoo machines you can avoid dealing with too many complications as a newbie because it has everything simplified for you, this means that you will focus on the craft more than the tool. It is the paragon of simplicity, which does not overwhelm you as a newbie. It has one set of adjustable and others. The DragonHawk power supply system is simple and has an accurate activation and you can adjust the voltage when required.


As a new tattoo artist, you may have heard about how you require two different machines to do your craft well. but, this is not true because with this single tattoo machine you can do shading, lining, and coloring. The package includes a few tattoo skins and 4 pcs steel machine grips for more practice and efficiency.

Easy Handling

The DragonHawk tattoo machine has an ergonomic design to help you maneuver when tattooing with no trouble at all. It is not heavy like most machines and you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue.

Comes with A Carrying Case

The machine has a carrying case for easy movement. It consists of a key, a few disposable grips, and other related tattoo supplies.

  • Tattoo skins included
  • Comes with a big carry case
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Uncomplicated
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile
  • Some users find it hard to use the grips

tattoo machine review

Are you in scout, for a smart, portable, and ergonomic rotary tattoo machine? Then look no further. The dragonhawk rotary pen is just about the perfect brand.

Made of a solid Metallic motor set, and a durable lined cartridge, this brand is undoubtedly a piece of efficiency and maximum quality. This device comes in an aluminium frame and consists of a sound rotary gear system that enhances tattooing operations stealthy and noiselessly.

It is carefully wielded with an excellent ergonomic design, lightweight, and conveniently portable.

Key Features
  • High Power Gear system;
    This rotary, power-driven gear, enhances the efficiency and smoothness of tattooing operation.
  • Multiple needle cartridges;
    This device consists of 50pcs- Needles of different curvatures.
  • DC socket and power line;
    It is wired with an advanced DC conduit that supplies its power.
  • Advanced Grip Hold;
    Its hold is stable, with a beautiful interior design, giving artist fluidity, and convenience.
  • Lightweight and Portability
    It's cute, lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. Tattoo drawing can now be done anywhere and anytime.
  • User friendly
    Easy use! Users no longer have to struggle with the device. Its setup is simple and needs no extra logistics.
  • Safety and User Protection
    It's needle curvatures are designed with first-line safety protocols to prevent cuts and injuries.
  • Low Vibration and Noise Volume
    With this device noise, and vibration is reduced. Tattooing operation can now be done stealthily.
  • High Puncturing Frequency
    The gear rotary often increases the Puncturing Frequency of this device.

tattoo gun review

Performance and pricing are two factors that do not tally. Getting top-notch tattoo guns at an affordable price is very rare.

However, the Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Machine is a durable carbon steel machine of versatile functionality.

It's lightweight, with an excellent interior design, some of its artistic operations include shading, black filling, and intricate lining.

Quite Affordable and comes along with a strong clip cord and other durable accessories.

Key Features
  • Top-Notch Steel Spring
    Steel spring attached to the rotary system increases its stability and balance.
  • Carbon steel Frame
    Its steel frame offers maximum protection. This cover makes it durable.
  • Advanced Oil slider
    The slider reduces friction and enhances the smooth operation of the machine.
  • Compactible Needles and Cartridges
    The cartridges are compatible with the different styles of traditional needles.
  • Long-lasting and Durability
    Strong, reliable, this machine is resistant to tear, heat, etc. If well used can last for a long time.
  • Versatile Functionality
    It is Multifunctional, with advanced features that enable the tattoo artist, try out a lot of designs.
  • Cheap and Affordable
    It is cheap and a first-line buyer's option, well below budget for the middle class.
  • Maintenance of Accessories
    The clip cords, oil slider, and spring, are regularly replaced and maintained.