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Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review

It is worth noting that it is Cheyenne, who is the founder of modular tattoo machines. This Hawk Pen, when introduced by the manufacturer, was a real innovation in the tattoo world. It is a genuinely epochal pen tattoo machine.
Updated April 2, 2021

This Hawk Pen, when introduced by the manufacturer, was a real innovation in the tattoo world. Many subsequent products of other manufacturers in this area were only replacements or cheaper Hawk Pen analogs.

Inside the box, in addition to the pen itself, there is a clip cord, adapter, o-rings, a stand for the machine, and a very detailed manual. By the way, the manufacturer's manual and the rules of using the equipment talks about its recommendations for the instrument's barrier protection.

It comes with only one 25mm aluminum grip, but you can buy a thinner one with a diameter of 21mm.

If you want to use the Cheyenne with a non-proprietary power supply, you will need a special cable.

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen - Black.


Operating Voltage:
6-12.6 V DC
Power Input:
4 W
Stitch Frequency:
60-160 Hz
3.5 mm
3.5 mm jack connection
Precision DC motor
Operating Mode:
Continious operation
Dimensions (Ø X L)
25,4 x 123 mm
Approx. 130 g
  • Modern ergonomic, stylish design
  • Powerful but moderately soft
  • Perfect balancing
  • Extremely quiet and with minimal vibration
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust needle stroke
  • Included Pen Tray
  • Disposable grips available
  • Only one grip included

Cheyenne hawk tattoo pen video

User experience

Now, let's discuss the machine in detail. It has a glossy, ergonomic body. It feels sturdy but not heavy and is relatively thin. The gravity center is balanced along the entire axis of the device, allowing for excellent balance. The machine's weight does not shift and does not pull your wrist anywhere, so your hand should not get tired after long hours of work. The needle stroke is 3.5 mm, and it is easy to adjust by rotating the grip without clicking into place.

It is very powerful in operation, but at the same time gentle, running as softly as necessary. That is, it is not too soft, but it does not cut the skin either. Moreover, there is enough power for different works: contouring, shading, and sketching.

The Hawk Pen has a low noise level and minimal vibration.

Keep in mind; it is possible to destroy Cheyenne with low-quality cartridges that do not have a fluid membrane, as there is a chance of fluid entering the machine system through them.

How to set up cheyenne hawk pen


There are two categories of tattoo artists: fans of the German manufacturer Cheyenne and its haters. The reason is that this manufacturer is somewhat of an iPhone in the world of tattoo machines. It produces innovative tattoo equipment with a cool design and awesome features. Despite the existing criticisms, we are willing to put up with them precisely because the equipment is, in fact, merely high quality and enjoyable to use. That goes for the Hawk Pen as well.