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Featured Artist Interview | Ren Nunez

Featured Artist Interview with Ren Nunez
Meet the Artist Ren Nunez is an Arizona based artist who’s currently splitting his time between two separate studio locations, as the Ink Therapy Tattoo (studio) expands it’s horizons. He was originally only working for the Glendale, AZ shop, but when the owners opened their second location, they asked Nunez if he would come along … Read more

Featured Artist Interview | Crystal Alexandria

Meet The Artist Crystal Alexandria is a geometric and ornamental artist/owner at Dark Ocean Tattoo in Vancouver, British Columbia. She lives with her long time girlfriend and their French bulldog, Memphis. Their happy little family is thriving now, but Crystal’s path was far from straightforward. She’s been licensed in the field for 10 years, and … Read more

6 Things To Never Use On Your Tattoos

6 Things To Never Use On Your Tattoos
When getting a new tattoo, it is so important to take care of it during its healing process. This will ensure that the end result will remain vibrant, clear, and attractive to look at! In this article, we will be looking at 6 products that you should avoid using on your healing tattoo, even if … Read more

Featured Artist Interview with Meagan Avila Stevens

Featured Artist Interview Meagan Avila Stevens by Inkedway. Image of Stevens at work,
Welcome to another InkedWay featured artist interview with magical-Disney artist and owner of Briar Rose Tattoo Studio, Meagan Stevens. Along with Disney characters, she also specializes in watercolor and floral designs. Vibrant colors are her calling card, and she uses a few different brands to achieve the effects she wants, including Intenze and Eternal. Meet … Read more

Why A Tattoo Is A Great Birthday Gift

Why A Tattoo Is A Great Birthday Gift
Here’s Why You Should Commemorate Your Birthdays With Tattoos With tattoos becoming increasingly mainstream world, more and more people are considering getting themselves inked. However, they’re often looking for the right moment and the right reason to get a tattoo.  What better time than your birthday? Birthdays are a time of reflection on the past … Read more

How to cover a tattoo

How to cover tattoo.
How to cover a tattoo People often get tattoos to stand out, show others their outlook on life, and decorate their bodies. However, time goes on. Worldviews and preferences can change radically, the body also changes with age causing the tattoo to lose its clarity. Over time it can also turn out that inks used … Read more

How to set up a coil tattoo machine

How to set up a coil tattoo machine.
If you are a beginner, you probably don’t know how to set up your new coil tattoo machine, what it’s for, or what it can do. There are times when a machine can break and a novice tattoo artist doesn’t even know about it because they don’t fully understand how it works. Don’t worry!  This … Read more

Tips on how to keep tattoos looking new

Tips on how to keep tattoos looking new.
There are a number of things that affect the tattoo’s appearance over time. A tattoo tends to change color over time, and become pale and blurry. This does not happen with all tattoos though. Let’s look at why this happens and what to do to maintain the tattoo’s quality and color. CAUSES OF TATTOO FADING … Read more

How to set up a rotary tattoo machine

How to set up a rotary tattoo machine
WHAT IS A ROTARY TATTOO MACHINE? The rotary tattoo machine was the first electromechanical tattooing device invented in 1891 by Thomas Edison. Its primary use was to create stencils to be used on flyers. This machine was adapted into the first electric tattoo machine, invented in New York City by Samuel F. O’Reilly and patented … Read more

How to make getting a tattoo less painful

How to make getting a tattoo less painful
The pain experienced during a tattoo session is often what stops many people from getting their first tattoo. The intensity of the pain from tattooing differs depending on the part of the body, but in general, the tattoo is almost never painless. Tattooing is the process of injecting a needle under the skin, painted with … Read more