Industrial Piercing – Features and Aftercare

Industrial Piercing.

InkedWay > Blog > Piercing An industrial piercing is a double piercing of the auricle. The artist pierces the ear twice and connects the holes with a single piece of jewelry. This double perforation is mainly found in the upper ear cartilage, although various placement options are emerging. A curved or straight barbell is used … Read more

Types of ear piercings based on location

Names of the Ear Piercing.

InkedWay > Blog > Piercing Lobe As the softest part of the ear, the lobe is the easiest to puncture. This type of ear piercing heals quite quickly with proper care. Double and triple lobe (in the upper lobe) More than three-lobe punctures are likely to fail, as the cartilage begins next. You can experiment … Read more