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Featured Artist Interview with Jenny Clark

Meet the Artist Jenny Clark is the owner and resident artist at Turquoise Blue Tattoo, a shop located in Bournemouth, England. She is currently teaching an apprentice, and running an all-women studio. With 20 years of experience, she’s found her own illustrative style by combining elements of more traditional tattoo styles. She works in color … Read more

Featured Artist Interview | Sonya Feola De La Cruz

Meet the Artist Sonya is a tattoo artist based out of Lubbock, Texas, and works in a variety of illustrative styles. She’s a big fan of bright color, and feminine lines. Though the content of her tattoos is, of course, entirely dependent on the client’s desires, there is an element of whimsy and elegance present … Read more

Featured Artist Interview | Travis Sleeper

Meet The Artist Travis Sleeper has over a decade of experience, and is based in Austin, Texas. His works range from colorful delights, to shades of black and gray horror. Travis is a resident artist at Blindside Tattoo & Piercing, and is there most days. Though he’s constantly working on some aspect his craft, he … Read more

Featured Artist Interview | Ren Nunez

Featured Artist Interview with Ren Nunez
Meet the Artist Ren Nunez is an Arizona based artist who’s currently splitting his time between two separate studio locations, as the Ink Therapy Tattoo (studio) expands it’s horizons. He was originally only working for the Glendale, AZ shop, but when the owners opened their second location, they asked Nunez if he would come along … Read more

Featured Artist Interview | Crystal Alexandria

Meet The Artist Crystal Alexandria is a geometric and ornamental artist/owner at Dark Ocean Tattoo in Vancouver, British Columbia. She lives with her long time girlfriend and their French bulldog, Memphis. Their happy little family is thriving now, but Crystal’s path was far from straightforward. She’s been licensed in the field for 10 years, and … Read more

Featured Artist Interview | Vu Vu

Featured Artist Interview with Vu Vu
Meet The Artist Vu Vu has been working as a licensed tattoo artist for a year now, after a two year apprenticeship at Enso Ink (located in San Diego, CA), where he now works as a resident artist. Prior to pursuing the art of ink on skin, Vu was working as a barber, but is … Read more

Featured Artist Interview | Sandra Price

Meet the Artist Sandra Price, owner and resident artist of White Lotus Body Arts (located in Ventura, California) boasts over a decade of experience, and has some truly remarkable pieces in her portfolio. The studio is comprised of seven artists, including two junior artists Price mentors. Her favorite style to work in is a modern … Read more

Featured Artist Interview with Meagan Avila Stevens

Featured Artist Interview Meagan Avila Stevens by Inkedway. Image of Stevens at work,
Welcome to another InkedWay featured artist interview with magical-Disney artist and owner of Briar Rose Tattoo Studio, Meagan Stevens. Along with Disney characters, she also specializes in watercolor and floral designs. Vibrant colors are her calling card, and she uses a few different brands to achieve the effects she wants, including Intenze and Eternal. Meet … Read more

Tattoo Artist Interview with Herbert (“Pranks”) Molina

Our First Tattoo Artist Interview! Welcome to InkedWay’s first-ever featured artist interview! This will be an ongoing series of interviews created to highlight burgeoning artists and established veterans of the craft. We here at InkedWay believe it’s important to celebrate the people who make our community possible and show off their amazing art! Meet The … Read more