How to set up a coil tattoo machine

How to set up a coil tattoo machine.

InkedWay > Blog > Guide If you are a beginner, you probably don’t know how to set up your new coil tattoo machine, what it’s for, or what it can do. There are times when a machine can break and a novice tattoo artist doesn’t even know about it because he or she doesn’t fully … Read more

Tips on how to keep tattoos looking new

Tips on how to keep tattoos looking new.

There are a number of things that affect the tattoo’s appearance over time. A tattoo tends to change color over time, become pale and blurry. This does not happen with all tattoos. Why this happens and what to do to keep the tattoo quality and color, we will discuss in this post. Causes of tattoo … Read more

How to set up a rotary tattoo machine?

InkedWay > Blog > Guide Let’s start with the simplest and most basic. What is a rotary tattoo machine? The rotary tattoo machine was the first electromechanical tattooing device invented in 1891 by Thomas Edison. Its primary use was to create stencils to be used on flyers. The first electric tattoo machine was invented in … Read more

How to become a tattoo artist


InkedWay > Blog > Guide A tattoo artist is a person who carries the huge responsibility of creating a permanent drawing on another person’s body. In most cases, whether a tattoo will look like a masterpiece or the next partac depends on the tattoo artist’s skill. How to become a tattoo artist–successful, talented, and in-demand? … Read more