How to cover a tattoo

How to cover tattoo.

InkedWay > Blog How to cover a tattoo People often get tattoos to stand out, show others their outlook on life, and decorate their bodies. However, time goes on. Worldviews and preferences can change radically, the body also changes with age causing the tattoo to lose its clarity. Over time it can also turn out … Read more

Different Types of Tattoo Machines

Different Types of Tattoo Machines.

InkedWay > Blog Different Types of Tattoo Machines Behind the endless variety of tattoos are the skill of tattoo artists and the quality of their tools. Experienced tattoo artists with experience keep different types of tattoo machines that perform different purposes for their work. So let’s get into the classification and function of modern tattoo … Read more

Fake Tattoo Inks

Fake Tattoo Inks How to Check the Genuine and Buy Original Tattoo Inks.

InkedWay > Blog Fake Tattoo Inks: How to Check the Genuine and Buy Original Tattoo Inks? Tattoo inks are complex chemical compounds that take years of hard work by chemists and technologists from a particular brand’s team to develop and perfect. The cost of the best tattoo inks can be several tens of dollars, and … Read more

How to set up a coil tattoo machine

How to set up a coil tattoo machine.

InkedWay > Blog If you are a beginner, you probably don’t know how to set up your new coil tattoo machine, what it’s for, or what it can do. There are times when a machine can break and a novice tattoo artist doesn’t even know about it because he or she doesn’t fully understand how … Read more

Tips on how to keep tattoos looking new

Tips on how to keep tattoos looking new.

InkedWay > Blog There are a number of things that affect the tattoo’s appearance over time. A tattoo tends to change color over time, become pale and blurry. This does not happen with all tattoos. Why this happens and what to do to keep the tattoo quality and color, we will discuss in this post. … Read more

How to set up a rotary tattoo machine?

How to set up a rotary tattoo machine?

InkedWay > Blog Let’s start with the simplest and most basic. What is a rotary tattoo machine? The rotary tattoo machine was the first electromechanical tattooing device invented in 1891 by Thomas Edison. Its primary use was to create stencils to be used on flyers. The first electric tattoo machine was invented in New York … Read more

How to make getting a tattoo less painful

How to make getting a tattoo less painful?

InkedWay > Blog It is the feeling of pain that stops many people from tattooing their first tattoo, which they need to endure during a session. The intensity of painful feels from tattooing differs depending on the part of the body, but in general, the tattoo is not painless almost never. Tattooing is the process … Read more

Tattoo Scarring

Tattoo Scarring.

InkedWay > Blog Tattooing is associated with severe skin injuries, hence caring for a new tattoo should be approached with seriousness and great responsibility. Otherwise, the result of a trip to the tattoo artist may not be the dream pattern adorning the body, but ugly scars, infections, or redness instead! Tattoo scarring can occur for … Read more

Industrial Piercing – Features and Aftercare

Industrial Piercing.

InkedWay > Blog An industrial piercing is a double piercing of the auricle. The artist pierces the ear twice and connects the holes with a single piece of jewelry. This double perforation is mainly found in the upper ear cartilage, although various placement options are emerging. A curved or straight barbell is used to connect … Read more

How to become a tattoo artist


InkedWay > Blog A tattoo artist is a person who carries the huge responsibility of creating a permanent drawing on another person’s body. In most cases, whether a tattoo will look like a masterpiece or the next partac depends on the tattoo artist’s skill. How to become a tattoo artist–successful, talented, and in-demand? Read on … Read more