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Best tattoo machines for Beginners: Ultimate Buying Guide (2022 Updated)

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Buying Guide 7 min read Last updated on December 25, 2021

Are you looking for the best beginner tattoo machine?

 You are not the first budding professional artist that has asked,‘’ What do I need to start tattooing?’’

We also get questions like, ‘’What are some of the best tattoo guns in the market for a beginner?’’ and ‘’what is the best tattoo kit for a newbie?’’

You came to the right place for professional advice on choosing the best tattoo machine as a. Here, we’ll guide you to help you find an affordable tattoo machine.

Our reviews are well researched and detailed and we cover most of the common types of machines that are ideal for you. What you need to start with will depend on your preferences.

You can read and learn more about tattoo machines in the buying guide. And check out our top pick below.

Best tattoo machines and guns for beginners on the market

Editor’s Choice
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 - best tattoo machine kits for beginners.
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Our Score 10.0 Out of 10
Best Value
Our Score 9.9 Out of 10
Best Overall
Pirate Face Tattoo best tattoo kits for beginners.
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Our Score 9.8 Out of 10
Our Score 9.7 Out of 10
New Star Tattoo Dragonfly Best tattoo gun for beginners.
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Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10


Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit.


Tattoo skins included
Comes with a big carry case
Easy to use and handle


Some users find it hard to use the grips

No Complications

With DragonHawk Craft coils tattoo machine you can avoid dealing with too many complications as a beginner. It is the paragon of simplicity, and won’t overwhelm you. This means that you can focus on the craft more than the tool.  It has one set of adjustable and others. The DragonHawk’s simple power supply system has an accurate activation with adjustable voltage.


As a new tattoo artist, you may have heard that you need two different machines to perform your craft well. This is not true.   With this single tattoo machine, you can do shading, lining, and coloring. The package includes a few tattoo skins and 4 pcs steel machine grips for more practice and efficiency.

Easy Handling

The DragonHawk tattoo machine has an ergonomic design to help you easily maneuver when tattooing. Unlike most machines, it is lightweight and you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue.

Comes with A Carrying Case

The machine has a carrying case for easy movement. It consists of a key, a few disposable grips, and other related tattoo supplies.


The Solong rotary tattoo machine is a CNC-machined by aircraft aluminum alloy and has an anodized finish to ensure it lasts long without breaking down. The powering motor is 10 watts and it does not produce noise.

Solong rotary tattoo pen.


Easy to use
All accessories included
Low noise
It is durable
Low maintenance


Some users report issues with battery

Extra Useful Accessories

This rotary tattoo kit includes a tattoo pen, 40 pieces of cartridges, a power supply, a foot pedal, a power cord, and other equipment. It also has sterilized needles individually packed. It is stable and it can do reliable work.


This tattoo gun is designed and constructed with high-quality materials. The frame is made of aircraft aluminum alloy to reduce its weight and increase its ergonomics.

Low Maintenance

A common and recurring problem that most tattoo artists experience is the frequent maintenance that the machines require. Here, you only need to focus your mind on making great designs without worrying about repairs.

CE Certified

You can feel confident using this tattoo machine on your eyebrows and even lips because it has been certified by CE. This certification for a tattoo machine ensures that it is safe to use.

One Year Warranty

The fact that Solong manufacturers back this tattoo machine with a one-year warranty means it is good quality and they have faith in it. During this warranty period, if your product encounters any defects the company will take care of it.


The Stigma complete tattoo kit is the best choice when looking for a machine to help you practice the craft. The package includes a set of 5 popular inks for practice Drawing tattoos on human skin requires better professional ink.

STIGMA Pro Power with Case MK648 (Black) - Best rotary tattoo machine for beginners.


Extra practical accessories
Easy to use
CE Certification


No clear setup instructions

Easy to operate

It is not a complicated tattoo machine and you can use it for lining or work with shading as a newbie. The Stigma complete tattoo kit can be used with standard tubes, grips, and needles. It is light enough since you are not going to use it for extended periods without a break.

Good for Lining and Shading

This tattoo machine does not bog down at all and works very hard. You will also find that the results look professional, even a pro tattoo artist would not mind using every day.

Complete with All Accessories

In the package, you will find 20 pieces of needles of different sizes from 3RL, 5RL, 3RS, and 5RS. Each size of the needle has 5 pieces. The power cord for this machine can be connected to a DC cord or a clip cord, the manufacturer just puts it randomly so you will find one when you purchase.

More Accessories for Practice

The machine is suitable for practice since it includes extra accessories for this purpose. New disposable silicone grips are included, five popular ink colors, needles, and power cords.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not include a clear user manual in the package.


DragonHawk tattoo machines continue to impress us with their creativity. This machine is great for a beginner because it comes as a complete set with a soft shader, color packer, copper coils conventional liner, power liner and it has a steel frame. These features make it the perfect choice for learners and tattoo artists.

HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners 2 Pro


Easy to use
It is a complete kit
It looks attractive


Assembly instructions are in very small fonts and you might need a magnifying glass
Needles are not labeled

Tattoo supplies are included

This tattoo machine comes with all the accessories you need to carry out your craft smoothly. They include tattoo machines, needles, a foot pedal, power supply, ink, caps, tips, O-rings, grommets, and rubber bands. The kit gives you all you need to train.


It has a high power that helps penetrate the ink deep into the skin and create a beautiful lasting color. As a new tattoo artist, what you don’t want is a machine that keeps breaking down. This can be frustrating and may lead to messy tattoos.

Ergonomics and weight

The Hawink complete tattoo kit is not heavy and you can adjust it to your specific requirements. As a beginner, you should not work for several hours straight during your first time. Start with something simple, comfortable, and lightweight. Working for long hours when you are not used to it may cause wrist pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome.


It is made from high-quality aluminum to ensure that the tattoo gun serves you for a long time. This tattoo machine is made in the US and it has a one-year warranty in case you encounter a problem along the way you can return it for a replacement.


This is a good quality tattoo machine made and sold by Dragonfly Rotary and it can be used by both newbies and professional artists. It is green in color and this gun does not use the normal six to nine volts common in most tattoo machines. After one hour of working, you have to rest for a few minutes for it to cool.

The Dragonfly tattoo machine.


Works well with the lining
Easy to use


Needs some accessories
Can’t operate for more than 1 hour


This tattoo gun weighs only 90 grams or 3 ounces. It may be small but you will definitely feel the weight after an hour or two of work.

Easy to Use

Being lightweight is one of the things that make it easy to maneuver. Additionally, there are knobs and some interchangeable extenders to make easy and quick adjustments. This means that you can use the machine in any number of ways without having to go through a complicated setup process.


We have to mention this as it is important since most beginners are still not sure if they will get a go of tattooing. With this machine, you can begin without investing too much in it.

It is a Good Liner

It may seem limited to professionals but if you are a newbie, this might make sense for you. It is designed for beginners who just want to start off utilizing some basic skills, like lining. These types of tattoos can look beautiful when done well.

The only disadvantage we found with this tattoo machine is that when used for long hours, it heats up and may malfunction if used for long periods. Therefore, it is advisable to rest for a few minutes after every 1 hour.


The name Solong is synonymous with designing and making high-quality tattoo guns and kits. Their Starter Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine is easy to use, even as a beginner, and is durable and well designed. The kit includes everything you might need when learning your craft.

Solong 4 Pro Top-rated tattoo gun kit.


Makes smooth lines
Complete kit
Easy to operate


Some tools might be complicated

It Can Work for Long Hours

As a beginner, you might need to work long hours to perfect your craft. You will appreciate the fact that you can work for eight straight hours with the Solong tattoo machine. it is ideal for those who work intensively.

Great Precision

The frame has a precision line that helps you make clean and accurate designs easily. It works at a decent pace and is very steady when used. This reduces the chances of making errors when speeding.

Value for Money

Considering the different tattoo machines and accessories available in the market today, this tattoo gun’s price is reasonable. Additionally, it might be a good option because you don’t need to purchase different tattoo machines for the same task.

Extra Accessories

This tattoo machine has an LCD digital power supply, 50 tattoo needles, 10 tattoo grips, 60 tattoo tips, 100 ink cups, 28 colors, etc. The flip cords and foot pedal all make it easy to control the machine.

High-Quality Material

All the accessories in this package are made of the best durable materials like Aluminum alloy. With such materials, you don’t have to worry about weather elements like rust.


A Definitive Guide to Tattoo Machines for Beginners.

Materials and overall design

Ensure that it is a premium-grade machine with a convenient and compatible design. Some companies offer tattoo guns with reduced weight and grip options, which affects your work in a big way.


Compatibility in a tattoo machine is all about the different needles it can use. The wider the range of needles used, the better. With this, you will encounter only minor inconveniences and spend less on purchasing different machines for every function.


For a beginner, you should use a coil or rotary tattoo gun. However, if you have the money, you can get a pneumatic gun.


A tattoo machine’s speed will enable you to do different tasks, like creating strong lines, tones, fine lines, textures, shades, and other details.

Usually, the speed of the machine can be between 50 to 3000. As a beginner, find one that can be adjusted and has different settings. After learning, you can buy a specialized tattoo gun later.

Safety and Security

The quality of the parts, needles, speed and circuit are the main factors that determine the safety and security of your machine. When using a tattoo machine, ensure that the grip is comfortable enough and safe to use.


A good tattoo machine for a beginner should be lightweight, stable, easy to assemble, and should have flexible compatibility. If you understand what you need, you can go ahead and choose one that suits your needs. Your best option will be a tattoo machine with many different features.


Tattoo guns are portable tools that vibrate constantly. Find a tattoo machine that can withstand wear and tear. The parts should also be able to withstand vibrations if the gun is to last.

User friendly

As a beginner, choose a user-friendly tattoo gun that can allow you to adapt easily to a tattoo style. Once you feel comfortable with this machine,  you can then polish your tattoo skills with robust machines.

Tattoo Machine Types

A tattoo machine is a small handheld tool that helps you create tattoos on your skin, also referred to as a tattoo gun.

These tattoo guns are available in the market in a very wide variety. In this buyer’s guide, we are going to explain the most common types and classifications of tattoo machines.


Setting Up of the coil tattoo machines.

Coil tattoo guns are the most common types of tools used by tattoo artists to engrave a designed tattoo on a client’s skin. The coil tattoo gun has an electromagnet circuit that helps insert the ink needles into the skin.

An alternating electromagnetic current passes through the coils, which in turn pulls the armature bar at high speeds up and down. Due to this movement, the ink needles are inserted into the skin and this creates a tattoo design.

There are different variations you can find in the market, some are different materials, shapes, and sizes.

A coil tattoo gun creates a very distinct noise commonly associated with tattoo parlors. This type of tattoo machine has a high performance and high power, making it ideal both for beginners and experienced tattoo artists.

The reason why it is so popular is that it is low maintenance, allows more control, and has a high accuracy level.


This single-purpose tattoo gun is usually used to create a dominant outline. This machine does not go deep into the skin and is very fast.


This type of tattoo gun is used for shading tattoos with black color, but, you can use other gradients and colors to design and shade a tattoo. It has a long bar at the armature that allows needles to go deeper into the skin.


This machine is used to fill in colors. It goes deep into the skin and creates a highly pigmented color and ensures you do not need to redo the tattoo regularly.


Rotary tattoo machines design.

With this tattoo machine, the armature bar is powered by an electric motor. The bar pushes the needles into the skin.

It is popular because of its ease of use and lightweight. You can use it for shading and lining. It is also quiet and low maintenance.


The pneumatic tattoo gun was invented in 2000 by a tattoo artist known as Carson Hill. The first machine was originally patented as Neuma Tattoo Machine.

It is costly compared to other types and it uses an air compressor to engrave a tattoo design into the skin.

The latest tattoo machines in the market today come with a variable stroke, this allows you to change the behavior of the needles from coil to rotary profile. You can easily outline a tattoo, design, and insert solid colors.

Alternative tattoo machines for beginners

When it comes to tattoo machine equipment, Big Wasp Tattoo Supply offers some of the best solutions for tattoo artists. They are an online tattoo supply store where you can find premium-quality tattoo supplies in one place.

Their tattoo machine might not be as cheap as those discussed in previous sections; however, their quality is outstanding. You just need to see their products rating and reviews to understand how unique and good they are:

Big Was tattoo machine tools

Some of the tattoo machines you can find on this site include:

  • Wireless tattoo pens
  • Bronc rotary
  • Big wasp rotary

So if you have the budget, these are probably the best tattoo machines you can find on the market.