The best Wireless Tattoo Machines for 2021

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Buying Guide 5 min read Last updated on April 21, 2021

The best wireless tattoo machine is one of the most popular queries among tattoo artists last couple of years. The wireless power supply for the tattoo machine is a logical and reasonable way of developing the design of this tool. Wires often get tangled, they need to be protected with barrier films, they get lost, break, and different machine brands may have different connectors for power plugs.

Although it may not be much better to connect wireless power supplies, still the absence of wires in the tattooing process feels very freeing.

This is a great way of showing you how to choose and what to look for when choosing a cordless tattoo machine. Also, we are going to show you through a detailed review which wireless tattoo machine is the best one and is worth buying nowadays. The information will be useful for both professionals and beginners.

Top 8 best wireless tattoo machines – Buyer’s Guide

Best Overall
Hawink wireless tattoo machine cnc-m-we.
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Our Score 10.0 Out of 10
Editor's Choise
 Dragonhawk mast archer wireless power tattoo machine.
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Our Score 9.9 Out of 10
Best Value
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Our Score 9.8 Out of 10
Cheyenne Hawk Sol Nova Unlimited Best Wireless Choice.
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Our Score 9.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
Javelin wireless tattoo machine kit.
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Our Score 9.4 Out of 10

Hawink CNC-M-WE
Best wireless tattoo machine

Hawink wireless tattoo machine cnc-m-we.

This is the best Chinese wireless tattoo machine in the medium price category. A reliable, powerful, inexpensive, and versatile device, which is definitely worth considering. Let's take a closer look.

User experience

The Hawink CHC-M-WE looks and feels sturdy in your hand. The grip is slightly larger in diameter than the pen body, check if it is comfortable for you. It's nice that the grip has a ribbed surface, which makes it comfortable to hold.

Having two power supplies as a basic kit allows you to be uninterrupted while working. This is extremely important if you tattoo continuously, for many hours. Just change the battery and keep working at the same pace.

The battery is attached to the body with a magnet, which makes it very easy to change the power supplies, but at the same time, the battery itself stands firmly connected to the machine. That is, when you press the control buttons on the battery, it will not fall off the device.

It is operated by several buttons on the power supply. The "plus" and "minus" buttons adjust the volts, meanwhile, the display shows the volts with color indicators. You will find the designation for each of the colors in the manual that comes with the kit, as well as how many hours the Hawink CNC-M-WE can run on each of the voltages. On the one hand, it is intuitive to operate, on the other hand, everyone is used to certain numbers on the power supplies and these colors do make you wonder if the tattoo artist has set the battery power correctly. The charging level is also indicated by color.

The needle depth is adjusted in the standard way by turning the grip. You get needle depth markers near the grip so you can easily adjust it.

There is vibration and noise, but it is minimal, it allows you to work long hours without stress.

The 900 mAh lithium batteries are very durable and recharge quickly, in as little as 1.5 hours.

A tattoo on fake skin made with this machine:

Tips on how to keep tattoos looking new.

The device shows good, clean running in both lining and shading.

  • Two battery complect
  • Superfast battery charging
  • Comes with a bag for the pen
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with many cartridges
  • Reliable and durable
  • Suitable for all types of tattoos
  • It is not comfortable to adjust the volts by color, the colors can be similar to each other


The Hawink CNC-M-WE is highly recommended because of its rich, crisp, and accurate performance. It is the best option available on the market. There are some nuances to using it, but they are minor. The main thing is that a tattoo with Hawink will turn out really impressive because the device is suitable for all types of tattooing.

Dragonhawk mast archer
wireless power tattoo machine

 Dragonhawk mast archer wireless power tattoo machine.

This is a modernly designed device with an ergonomic look, glossy surface, and LCD display. It is available in different colors, there are even very original designs. Premium packaging, by the way, is also very nicely decorated. It comes with two Replaceable grips.

User experience

Although the device looks quite massive in the photo, it feels compact and comfortable in the hand. Archer is started with a single press of the power button. Noise level is below average, for example, Mast Tour is a bit quieter.

The speed control is located on the body of the machine. The rounded LCD display, besides volts and charge level, shows how long you have been tattooing. This is very handy for billing the clients, for example, and also generally useful to know how long you are running a project.

The high-capacity lithium battery can operate continuously for 8 hours. Battery charging time is 2 hours. It's running very fine, there is no skip or fluctuation.

It is compatible both with its "original" MAST cartridges and with cartridges of other well-known manufacturers (MICRON, KWADRON, CHEYENNE and their analogs). It is very powerful and stable while running. Archer is good for all kinds of tattoo and permanent makeup work. This machine is especially good for those who like more massive and thicker devices in the hand than, for example, the Mast Tour.

  • Unusual ergonomic and modern design
  • Fast charge and continuous working for 8 hours
  • Available in different original designs
  • Extremely quiet and with minimal vibration
  • Low noise and vibration level
  • Very robust and solidly built machine
  • Display shows the information you need
  • There are a small number of reviews about delivered non-functional devices
  • This form may be handy for not all tattoo artists


This thing is worth every penny. This device is a good both liner and shader, so it will be good for different tattooing styles. Easy operation, enough working continuous hours, powerful and solid performance allow us to say that this is a good enough wireless tattoo kit to buy and use every day.

Ambition soldier
wireless power tattoo machine


Another wireless tattoo gun that is low in the price segment. Available to buy with design elements in different colors.

User Experience

The Ambition Soldier comes in a nice plastic box with a zipper, complete with a USB charger. This bag makes it easy to travel and take the machine to go.

The pen is really comfy in your hand, it doesn't slip, and fall out. The included standard grip is ergonomically and comfortably designed. The weight balance remains stable, the device lies evenly in the hand. It turns on with a long press on the button, a short press is a pause. The Soldier is quiet in use, with minimal vibration. Working with it is comfortable even for many hours.

The manufacturer states that all machines are handmade and tested by specialists in order to guarantee high quality and performance. Therefore, certain reliability and sturdiness of this device can be talked about.

Among the features, the volts are adjustable with two buttons, but in 0.5-volt increments with each press. Also, this is not exactly a gentle machine; it is very powerful, so you have to be prepared for its type of inking when tattooing. Nevertheless, if you have worked with coil tattoo machines before, this may be to your liking.

The Soldier unscrews in several places, making it possible to sanitize several nodes of this tattoo machine. This is a huge advantage compared to many pens tattoo machines. The machine is equipped with a work timer. A second battery and an RCA adapter can be purchased separately to make the machine wired. If you order a second battery, the first battery is easily unwound and removed. So you can be continuous with this Ambition Soldier. Overall, it is amazingly convenient, understandable, smart, functional, safe, and productive, even compared to many of the world's manufacturers' products.

  • User-friendly voltage indicator
  • Compatible with all standard cartridges
  • Comes with a plastic case
  • Can be used as a wired device
  • Sound and vibration level is below average
  • Cheap
  • A little heavy
  • It's a little hard inking


This is a very reliably designed and made device, which is also quite cheap. It' s not always possible to buy a decent corded rotary pen for the same money. It's great for all styles, but especially for old school and tribal.

Cheyenne hawk sol nova

Cheyenne Hawk Sol Nova Unlimited Best Wireless Choice.

This is a relatively new version of the Cheyenne machine, a respected German brand in the tattoo world. It is essential to understand that it is a modified but already existing device, called Sol Nova. But the name Unlimited was added and a wireless control system with batteries developed.

This pen is quite thick, just like its parent Sol Nova, but longer, making the weight more centered. It comes with several manuals, a battery charger, an extra battery, a Cheyenne protective case, and a zippered travel box.


Cordless tattoo machines are a recent trend. The batteries in this machine are of the conventional type, that is, you can buy them in any store. The machine keeps the power up to the last, meaning a low charge does not imply a loss of power. The minimum battery life is 5 hours.

The machine operation is pretty impressive because it relies on an accelerometer. There is only one button and two LEDs on the control panel. To turn on the machine, you need to press this one button. If you want it to turn faster, you need to press the button and tilt the machine up. Similarly, if you want it to turn slower, you need to press the button and tilt the machine down (this is all explained in the detailed manual).

The tool has two modes, Steady and Responsive. When Responsive mode is turned on, the needle slightly changes the impact energy and "softens" its stroke. Many who have used these modes with other Cheyenne devices have said that this adaptation of the machine helps tattooing exactly the right contour without unnecessary traumatization.

Indication: The lower LED indicates the degree of charge, and the upper LED indicates the enabled mode.

  • 2 modes
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish cool design
  • Well centered weight
  • Very quiet
  • Minimal vibration
  • Comes with a travel box for transportation
  • Expensive
  • You need to understand and get used to the operation


This thing is worth every penny. This device is a good both liner and shader, so it will be good for different tattooing styles. Easy operation, enough working continuous hours, powerful and solid performance allow us to say that this is a good enough wireless tattoo kit to buy and use every day.

Mast tour rotary pen machine
with mast wireless battery


This is a tattoo gun that you can buy for a very low price. The package feels really premium, it's got a magnetic lid. In the box, you'll see your tattoo machine and the wireless power supply. Also, the manufacturer puts a clip cord in the box, apparently, just in case.

User Experience

The first thing you notice when you assemble the car with the battery is the length. The pen is unaccustomedly long, especially compared to the ones that come in one piece with the wireless battery. On the other hand, it makes the machine a little thinner than its analogs. Probably this design will suit more those who like to tattoo with thin in diameter pen, for example, girls with compact palms.

The machine body is heavier than the battery, so the weight balance is maintained, the battery does not pull the weight anywhere. So the length, in this case, does not particularly affect the tattooing process. The control is done with a single button. The indication is not obvious enough, the screen is lacking, but you can hardly get the best for such money.

Unusually, the grip also partially serves the function of protecting the body of the machine. Thus, the Mast Tour can be rightly considered very reliable and durable. It is very suitable for those who regularly drop down their tools (but this does not mean that you can throw it on purpose).

Among the unpleasant things, there is a noticeable drop in power when the battery charge is down to 40%. Most likely, you will need to buy another battery or after the first one is discharged, switch to a wire while the battery is charging. That takes 3 hours to fully charge. So this machine doesn't have the best battery performance. Although they are still pretty good, compared to other existing on the market. By the way, even with two batteries, such a kit will cost very inexpensive.

  • It’s built well
  • Super quiet
  • Minimal vibration
  • It is possible to tattoo with a wire
  • Good weight balance
  • Lightweight
  • Robust
  • Some power loss under the low charge
  • Longer than average cordless pen
  • One of the weakest batteries in the review
  • Not the most user-friendly display of voltage and battery level


This device is totally worth the money. It's very affordable, even if you buy a second battery to replace the first. It's cheaper than many of its corded counterparts. It's a great option for beginners and professionals alike.

RHEIN Rita EM145-2
newest cordless tattoo machine

RHEIN RITA EM162  Newest Cordless Tattoo Machine.

This new product from the Chinese manufacturer CNC, produced by its subsidiary brand Rhein, features a sophisticated hi-tech design - one of the most original today. It is actually suitable not only for tattooing, but also for permanent makeup, thus expanding its potential user audience. Available in two colors: black or red.

User experience

It's compact, feels comfortable in the hand, really like a pen. Thanks to its lightness and small diameter, it is so easy to use. The user-friendly volt control buttons and the classic LED display, without any colored buttons or bulbs, make it even more convenient to use. The voltage is adjustable in increments of 0.5 volts. The power indicator is also very clear, though not completely accurate: there are five levels of battery charge, which are shown on the display by dots.

The presence of two batteries makes it possible to alternate them while one of them is charging. The battery is connected to the body of the machine with a magnet. Battery charge lasts for 4 hours of stable operation, the battery takes less than 2 hours to charge. The device is compatible with most of the available cartridges on the market.

  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Lightweight, quiet and with minimal vibration
  • Affordable
  • Two batteries included
  • Two colors available to order
  • Small operating voltage
  • Not powerful enough for some tattoo styles

Stigma EM158-2
premium quality


An inexpensive tattoo gun that is on par with some corded devices. Available in black and red.

User Experience

A great advantage of this kit is the availability of three different diameter grips, as well as two disposable grips. This is a very complete set, because now you can sterilize one grip and use the other at the same time. There is no need to buy anything additionally.

The device is started with a single push of a button (no need to hold).

The user-friendly display shows the voltage, the level of charge, and the operating time. Everything is visible and understandable. The device is stable while working and is good for lining and shading. It is comfortable to hold such a pen, although at first, the display may be unfamiliar. At the same time, the weight balanced in the presence of this display does not suffer.

The loss of power is very small, but it is present. It is already noticed at the point where the charge level drops below 30%, and it is very insignificant.

The needle stroke adjustment should be done, as usual, by rotating the grip. But there is information about the possible difficulties. If you unscrew the grip to the minimum or maximum needle position, the adjustment may be lost and the next time you rotate the grip, it will not work. What to do? Remove the grip completely and re-torque it. This will not be a problem if you adjust the grip carefully and slowly.

The unpleasant thing about this machine is the way the cartridge is attached. The cartridge is attached to the body of the machine, not to the grip. Therefore, for reasons of hygiene, you will have to unscrew the additional part from the body and also autoclave and sterilize it.

  • Nice kit package
  • Very user friendly layout and type of display
  • One-touch startup
  • Good weight balance
  • Affordable price
  • Noise and vibration level below average
  • Slight loss of power at less than 30% charge
  • May have trouble adjusting the needle stroke setting
  • Attachment of the cartridge to the machine body


Handy design, a complete package, and an affordable price are the reasons people choose this Stigma for purchase. If you are willing to put up with the disadvantages described above, this is a great option for you!

wireless tattoo machine kit

Javelin wireless tattoo machine kit.

The cheapest choice is the kit by Hildbrandt, which contains everything you need to learn how to tattoo. The kit includes inks, different cartridges, and an instructional DVD. The top choice for any beginner!

User Experience

Let's not spend a lot of time talking about this device. It is enough to know that its functionality and character of work is fully enough to teach basic techniques and nuances of the craft.

The power supply is pretty good, it should work up to 5 hours without recharging (you can see the power drop below 50%). The Javelin is capable of doing lining, shading, black & gray, and scalp micro pigmentation, so you can learn how to do permanent makeup with it too. The Javelin is capable of using most needle cartridges available on the market for the tattoo industry.

  • Cheap price for the complete kit
  • Compatible with standard cartridges
  • Includes instructional CD
  • Power supply is portable, a wire can be connected
  • Slim diameter
  • Reduced power on low charge
  • Unreliable design
  • Weak battery
  • The battery is structurally different from the body of the machine
  • Too long


If you are a beginner and want to try wireless tattooing, check this really complete and good tattoo kit. There is a Chinese wireless tattoo gun, it is not the best on the market, but it is enough to try yourself in this business.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose a wireless tattoo machine?

How to choose a wireless tattoo machine?

This list includes the best tattoo machines on the market that are available with wireless power supplies. You must have seen by now if you have reached here, that most of these devices have the same advantages as wired ones.

This is:

  • Low vibration level
  • Low noise level
  • Good weight balance
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate, adjust and use
  • Little or no maintenance and motor lubrication required
  • Suitable for all tattooing styles
  • Excellent maneuverability

In fact, choosing a wireless power supply or a machine with such a unit is not much more difficult than a rotary tattoo pen. Besides the basic characteristics such as needle stroke, diameter, compatibility with different cartridges, you should also be sure to take into account the features described below.

Support work time. The operating time without charging is one of the most important features of a wireless unit. Also check to see if the kit comes with two units, so you will have the ability to run the machine without interruptions.

Charging. How long does it take to fully charge the battery? How does it charge? Good power supplies charge in 1.5-2 hours using a popular power connector, such as USB Type-C.

Power supply capacity. Depending on how much power you are used to while working, you need to choose an appropriate machine. The battery must be stable and reliable so that it does not interfere with the mechanism.

Weight with power supply. Although pens are quite light compared to coil machines, the power supply can add a lot of weight to the device. Pay attention to make sure that your pen is not too heavy for you.

Weight balance. One of the most important advantages of a pen-styled tattoo machine is its weight balance. Usability can be compromised if the cordless unit is out of balance in weight, sticking out to the sides, or making the device disproportionately long. The design has to provide the ability to control hand movement as if you were drawing with a pen on paper.

Voltage control. Different machines may have different ways of controlling voltages. While on a standard wired power supply it's usually buttons, it can be a little different with wireless ones. Plus, not every button position can be user-friendly. For example, the Cheyenne is regulated in a very technical way - by the position of the pen. If it's a push-button control, it's preferable that the buttons are on the side that will be accessible while you're holding the pen in your hand in the right position.


Today the market offers a large variety of wireless tattoo machines of good enough quality. The choice is for different purses and levels of sophistication, so after studying our review, you will get exactly what you are looking for.

As for the choice of a wireless device, the technology and ease of use of the products described above do the trick. We know hundreds of tattoo artists who appreciate the freedom of movement and ease of use these devices offer. After that, they're unlikely to ever go back to old-school clip cords or RCAs.

Finally, try it and see for yourself.

Then, write about your experience in the comments - it will be helpful to all readers!

Enjoy wireless tattooing!