The Best Rotary Tattoo Machines 2021 - Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Buying Guide 8 min read Last updated on November 9, 2020

Every single artist is faced with one duck challenge, "Purchasing a durable tattoo machine". However, finding the best rotary tattoo machine is no simple task at all. With thousands of low quality machines storming the market daily, It is certain that even professionals would be swayed.

Generally rotary machines are usually portable, lightweight and ergonomic, however there are more features professionals must check out for, than just settling for looks. Hence the essence of this review!

This review reveals the intricate features and functionalities, far beyond the reach of first sight. It is professionally drafted with accurate details and descriptions. Further reducing wrong purchase choices and placing real value for your money.

9 Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Reviews

The DragonHawk Mast Pen

Are you in scout, for a smart, portable, and ergonomic rotary tattoo machine? Then look no further. The dragonhawk rotary pen is just about the perfect brand.

Made of a solid Metallic motor set, and a durable lined cartridge, this brand is undoubtedly a piece of efficiency and maximum quality. This device comes in an aluminium frame and consists of a sound rotary gear system that enhances tattooing operations stealthy and noiselessly.

It is carefully wielded with an excellent ergonomic design, lightweight, and conveniently portable.

Key Features
  • High Power Gear system;
    This rotary, power-driven gear, enhances the efficiency and smoothness of tattooing operation.
  • Multiple needle cartridges;
    This device consists of 50pcs- Needles of different curvatures.
  • DC socket and power line;
    It is wired with an advanced DC conduit that supplies its power.
  • Advanced Grip Hold;
    Its hold is stable, with a beautiful interior design, giving artist fluidity, and convenience.
  • Lightweight and Portability
    It's cute, lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. Tattoo drawing can now be done anywhere and anytime.
  • User friendly
    Easy use! Users no longer have to struggle with the device. Its setup is simple and needs no extra logistics.
  • Safety and User Protection
    It's needle curvatures are designed with first-line safety protocols to prevent cuts and injuries.
  • Low Vibration and Noise Volume
    With this device noise, and vibration is reduced. Tattooing operation can now be done stealthily.
  • High Puncturing Frequency
    The gear rotary often increases the Puncturing Frequency of this device.

The Stigma M625 Tattoo Slider

The search for a top-notch tattoo machine is no easy task, especially with lots of low-quality machines storming the market daily.

However, the Stigma Tattoo machine is undoubtedly a brand of quality and efficiency. It is made of polished steel with a brilliant ergonomic design and traditional needles.

Its the perfect fit for beginners and consist of a slider spring that tilts at regulated speed making, making tattooing easy and precise.

This brand is undoubtedly a budget option, as its readily cheaper when compared to other tattoo machines.

Key Features
  • Efficient Steel Spring;
    This device comes along with an excellent engineering network, which consists of a Metallic spring that makes the whole process more comfortable and less noisy
  • Advanced Magnetic Motor;
    These mechanics give the device maximum stability and frequency. This, in turn, makes the process a lot easier.
  • Sleek Oil Slider;
    Inks and prints colours are essential. This machine's oil slider enables the artist to switch to any colour at any time.
  • Power cord;
    Its power cord is portable, with a right length, transmitting power from the DC circuits.
  • Luster Frame
    Friction, rust and wear are are occurrences as this machine has a refined metallic luster giving it a stunning view.
  • Grip Ribbons-For firm Grip
    This grip paddle enables firm for beginners and even distribution of Gravity.
  • Durability
    Top-notch, durable and could stand the test of time.
  • High Needle Compactibility
    It is very compatible with traditional and modern needles. With no reduction inefficiency.
  • High Voltage Disruption
    Voltages exceeding 9V might destroy the motor of this device.

The Stigma MK648 Tattoo Machine

Designed with top-notch brilliance, the Mk648 is one brand of international recognition. Its compartment is made up of durable alloy such as aluminium. It utilizes DC cords and other conduits for its source of power.

With up to 20pcs needles, this device presents users with different pen options for their tattoo designs, Including coloured lines, fillings.

It is beautifully designed and lightweight! And an excellent piece for all users.

Key Features
  • Proficient Slider
    Its slider technology is excellent, controlling its rotary system and making the needle operation smoother.
  • 20 Power Grid Needles
    Smother Needles of maximum safety and stylings which enhances professional practice.
  • Eccentric Motor Drive
    It is coupled with an excellent, rotary mechanics. That helps trim straight lines on the body, without skin damage.
  • Aluminum Gun Frame
    It comes along with a sturdy frame, which covers the whole machine, making it resistant to cracks, or scratch.
  • One year Warranty.
    Comes along with a pre- trust warranty as a stake for its quality.
  • Easy Practice Accessories
    Its silicon grips and other accessories are excellent for training practice, especially for beginners.
  • Heat Resistant
    This device's Motor system is designed to absorb all internal steam, making it easy for users.
  • High Voltage Disruption
    Voltages above 12V could damage the rotary motor system.

The Hawink Rotary Pen

Like a magic wand, this pen does all the magic! It posses incredible features, including the advanced, German Faulhaber motor, giving tattooists all over the world a wonderful experience.

Like a magic wand, this pen does all the magic! It posses incredible features, including the advanced, German Faulhaber motor, giving tattooists all over the world a wonderful experience.

Its power cords are durable, and the power supply is consistent and could last for 12 hrs continuously.

Key Features
  • Eccentric Faubhler Motor
    The Faubhler motor is an advanced system that engineers a painless and efficient piercing, with low voltage.
  • High-Quality Power Cords and Accessories
    It comes along with top-notch cords and handles, grips. These accessories are very sturdy and durable.
  • Advanced Bearings
    It has an advanced bearing set that enables a smooth, soft piercing process.
  • Aluminum Alloy Enclosure
    This enclosure protects scratches. It also Forster a better grip reducing friction.
  • Heat and Tear Resistant
    This device can absorb heat, make it easy for users.
  • No skin Irritation and damage
    Its needle safely protracted, with moderate puncturing frequency further reducing skin damages.
  • Low Noise and Vibration
    It's German Faubhler Motor- reduces the noise and vibration of the machine.
  • Requires Maintenance
    The eccentric Faubhler Motor requires regular mechanic maintenance.

Bishop MicroAngelo Rotary Tattoo Machine

With modern tattooing, metamorphosing into a new norm, it comes as no surprise that tattoo plating devices have upgraded from drilling coils to smart rotary machines.

One excellent product of real commercial value is the MicroAngelo Rotary Machine. Made of polished aluminium, this machine operates more like a seam reeling neat linings and stitches, Making tattooing experience more simple and more accessible.

One excellent product of real commercial value is the MicroAngelo Rotary Machine. Made of polished aluminium, this machine operates more like a seam reeling neat linings and stitches, Making tattooing experience more simple and more accessible.

Key Features
  • Quality oil filers
    It comes with a refillable ink tube. Designers now have the privilege of using multiple inks anytime.
  • Interchangeable Magnetic Cams
    It has an interchangeable Cam slot, and its rotary motor can be replaced periodically, thereby enhancing efficiency.
  • Dual Ball Bearings
    Its has an advanced, Ball Bearings with a smooth drilling set that enables tattooing easier and faster.
  • Durable Needle cartridges
    It's needle cartridges is excellently designed, smoothly styled for easy puncturing.
  • Smooth and Fast Operation
    Unlike, the coils, this machine has high efficiency, and excellent puncturing frequency, making neat linings on the body.
  • User Friendly
    It's easy to use; both experts and beginners would find this machine simple to operate.
  • Safety and User Protection
    The needles and other constitutes, of this machine, is designed with maximum safety, for the protection of users.
  • No Warranty For Users
    Unfortunately, this brand does not come with any user warranty.

The Stigma EM 125 Rotary Pen

More than the million-dollar fashion industry, tattoo designs is gradually finding its way into the regular lifestyle of people. And one tool at the center of this change is the Stigma EM 125.

Lightweight and lovely ergonomic styling this pen-like machine is a sure blast! Very economical and on a budget scale. This pen comes with a dual rechargeable battery and a suitable accessories kit.

Key Features
  • Advanced Gear System
    This rotary gear enhances smooth operations, with little or vibration.
  • Stable Control Drive
    This drive system controls the gear and regulates the puncturing frequency of the machine, further increasing its efficiency.
  • 20pcs Needle cartridges
    These needles which come in a pen outlet enables tattoo artist to carve out fine linings, and shadings.
  • Dual Batteries
    Contains two auxiliary batteries, usually rechargeable for maximum power supply.
  • Lightweight
    Very portable and lightweight, very easy to use.
  • Coxy Grip Covers
    Its grip handle reduces friction and protects the inner structure of the machine.
  • Wireless
    Requires no lengthy power cords and pluggings, making it easy for users.
  • Limited Voltage Capacity
    High voltage might shutdown the gear system of this machine.

The Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Machine

Performance and pricing are two factors that do not tally. Getting top-notch tattoo guns at an affordable price is very rare.

However, the Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Machine is a durable carbon steel machine of versatile functionality.

It's lightweight, with an excellent interior design, some of its artistic operations include shading, black filling, and intricate lining.

Quite Affordable and comes along with a strong clip cord and other durable accessories.

Key Features
  • Top-Notch Steel Spring
    Steel spring attached to the rotary system increases its stability and balance.
  • Carbon steel Frame
    Its steel frame offers maximum protection. This cover makes it durable.
  • Advanced Oil slider
    The slider reduces friction and enhances the smooth operation of the machine.
  • Compactible Needles and Cartridges
    The cartridges are compatible with the different styles of traditional needles.
  • Long-lasting and Durability
    Strong, reliable, this machine is resistant to tear, heat, etc. If well used can last for a long time.
  • Versatile Functionality
    It is Multifunctional, with advanced features that enable the tattoo artist, try out a lot of designs.
  • Cheap and Affordable
    It is cheap and a first-line buyer's option, well below budget for the middle class.
  • Maintenance of Accessories
    The clip cords, oil slider, and spring, are regularly replaced and maintained.

The Atomus Rotary tattoo Machine

Are you in scout for the best ergonomic pen-style machine? Then look no further, the Atomus Rotary tattoo Machine is perfect!

Stable and high-speed operation, this machine is all you could ever get in quality and design.

It is easy to use and very mild on the skin giving users no skin Irritations.

Key Features
  • Zinc Alloy
    It's maximum durability and solidity is as a result of its zinc alloy. This gives it full cover and protection.
  • Liner Shader
    It consists of a sharp pen trimmer that is very effective in shading lines. It also comes along with an oil filer.
  • DC Clip cord
    The DC cord is top-notch and transmits power to the machine.
  • Less noise and vibration
    It has a coreless motor that reduces the noise and vibration, when in use.
  • High Efficiency
    It is very efficient; users enjoy a high definition for all its operations.
  • Speed
    This machine is fast and saves time. It is also beneficial.
  • Stunning Ergonomic design
    Beautiful external design and lightweight, users can use for an extended period.
  • Limited Voltage Capacity
    Its voltage capacity is within 3-9V, and voltages higher than that might blow up the machine.

The Dragonfly tattoo machine

Lightweight, flexible, and portable the dragonfly tattoo machine is yet another Product of international recognition.

Made of pure aluminium alloy this machine works more like a drilling machine, neatly finding its way into the body without tear or cut.

Requires a low voltage capacity for its power and operates with high efficiency. It has a high puncturing frequency and has a long-lasting battery.

This brand is sure a blast!

Key Features
  • Rechargeable batteries
    Its comes along with a rechargeable battery set that supplies power. These power batteries keep the machine running for more than 12hrs.
  • Firm Grip Handles
    It has a rubber-coated grip, which makes it easier for the user to handle. Reduces friction and protects from falls.
  • Colour liner
    It has a sharp colour liner for better painting and colouring, giving tattoo artist a better experience.
  • DC Cords
    Strong, durable cords for direct current transmission. These cords come along with a portable kit.
  • Reasonably Cheap and affordable
    It is very affordable and cheap. Both the middle class and average income earners can spare for one.
  • User Friendly
    Easy to handle. No technical expertise required. Users can now enjoy a better tattooing experience.
  • Very compatible with different skin types
    No skin Irritations, suitable for different kinds of skin.
  • No warranty
    Unfortunately, this product comes with no warranty for users.

The rotary tattoo machine is about the latest tool in the tattoo industry. Smart Portable, and efficient, this machine is undoubtedly a pure gem and one to reckon with. Many buyers are lured into some low quality brands including professionals.

Today, there are hundreds of tattoo pen machines for shading, flooding the market. One startling thing about this machine is that it comes in different grades both for beginners and professionals.

Also, the prices are quite reasonable, the best professional rotary tattoo machine is quite affordable and within the budget of middle-income earners.

Generally, its features are stunning, further enhancing smoother and faster operation. Unlike coils, rotary liners and tattoo machines enable tattoo artists to perform more outstanding work, due to its excellent shaders, colour liner, ink cartridges and other accessories, all users can now enjoy a better tattooing experience.

Also, this machine comes with unique DC cords for power transmission, which in turn leads to a continuous power supply. Its benefits are staggering, numerous to mention, all users are guaranteed of one thing, - A better tattooing experience.

The Key features- What to look at for before purchase

Much more than the shape, size and ergonomic designs, there are some Key features everyone must look out for before purchasing a tattoo kit.

Professionals, beginners and general users must carefully evaluate these Features before making any purchase, in a bid to maximize value for their money.

Below are a few;

  • Make-up constituent/material

    One important thing one must look out for before purchasing a tattoo kit is the makeup constituent of the tattoo kit.

    Tattoo kits made up of copper, brass, iron and steel are very durable tending to last longer because of its durability. On the contrary tattoo machines, made of plastics, foils and other materials rarely last long.

    It is important buyers take time to evaluate before making a purchase.

  • Power supply/DC cords

    Power is an essential requirement. Different tattoo machines have a varying range of voltage. A particular tattoo set with a power range of 2V-9V cannot function above its voltage range.

    Therefore users must know the voltage supply at home or office before purchasing any tattoo kit. Also, the DC must be durable and heat Resistant.

  • Tube accessories and needles

    Needles, Cartridges, grip holder and other accessories are essential requirements of a great tattoo machine.

    When checking out for these machines, one must look out for the curvatures, size. Also, some needles and accessories are often reusable, while others are not. Users must pay attention to these details before acquisitions.

  • Portability

    Arguably portability is one important factor. Both professionals and beginners need to put this into consideration. The lighter the machine, the easier it is for users.

    A relatively heavy and bulky tattoo set may not enhance a smarter and faster operation. Hence it is necessary that we critically check out for the size and portability. To enhance a better tattooing experience.

  • Tattoo Ink and Liner

    It is essential to know the quantity of ink, the machine can hold. Also, a further survey, such as where to get your inks from must be intensely considered.

    It is essential to know the quantity of ink, the machine can hold. Also, a further survey, such as where to get your inks from must be intensely considered.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a top-notch rotary tattoo machine requires a lot of scrutiny and questions. Below are a few frequently asked questions about rotary tattoo machine.

Question:Do rotary tattoo machines hurt less?


The ultimate answer is Yes! The rotary machines come along with a protective set of needles that makes puncturing a lot easier and painless. These needles are well sterilized, further preventing skin complications.

Question:Rotary Tattoo Machine Vs Coil, which is better?


The rotary tattoo machine is far more efficient, faster and easier to use. Unlike the coils, this pen-styled machine is excellent for shading, with a fantastic imprint. The rotary tattoo machine is far better than the coil.

Question:What is the best tattoo machine in the market?


It depends, some tattoo machines are suitable for beginners while others are specifically for professionals. I advise you to make adequate inquiries before making any purchase.

Question:What's the best and affordable rotary tattoo machine?


There is a lot of rotary tattoo machine, some are very expensive, while some are equally very affordable. Therefore no need to be scared, with less than $70 you can get a durable rotary tattoo machine.

Question:How simple is it to use-rotary tattoo machine?


Though some come along with a manual and guideline, however, it is no rocket science. It is simple to operate and requires no much logistics. Its installation is less time consuming and sometimes it could be fun.


The benefits of rotary tattoo machines cannot be overemphasized. This simple machine has taken modern tattooing to another level, further enhancing stunning lines and brilliant designs.

However, the scout for the best rotary tattoo machine is no doddle but requires careful consideration and inquiries.

All beginners and Professionals must endeavour to carry out excellent research and inquiry before making any purchase. Hence the essence of this review.

It therefore vital we become mindful of this information in a bid to enhance a better tattooing experience.