7 Best White Tattoo Inks in 2022- Expert Review

7 Best White Tattoo Inks in 2022- Expert Review

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink Bottle.

The white tattoo ink is titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is the same pigment that is in wall paint, iPhones, etc.. It is merely more purified in the tattoo ink. Particles of Titanium Dioxide are larger than other inks, so black and other shades of tattoo ink get under the skin much more easily than white. Thus, white tattoo ink is almost always thicker and stains much harder than other tattoo ink.

This review is based on the following criteria:

  • Inkability and density: dense ink is less inkable under the skin, but gives a stronger shade; liquid ink is better inkable under the skin, but not as strong a shade. You need to look for the “golden mean” in terms of density of tattoo ink.
  • Quality of tattoos made with these ink (including tattoos that are several years old)
  • Manufacturer’s reliability
  • Speed and easy healing
  • Smooth inking under the skin

 Best White Tattoo Inks


Intenze Tattoo Ink Snow White Opaque Best White Tattoo Ink Overall.

Snow White Opaque is white as snow, not transparent. It is actually what it is said – it is an opaque color that is really high in its consistency of particles. This is a top-quality white tattoo ink for difficult areas where most white inks fail. It bleaches the black color and is great for correcting and overlapping old pieces. It makes grays really smoother. Intenze tattoo ink does not lose its saturation over the years when healed, which is especially valuable for white ink.

Intenze tattoo ink has special markings to distinguish the original from the fake, as well as seals and protective films to make sure that no one has opened the bottle before you.

User Experience

Snow White Opaque is the best tattoo ink white to use and shows really good results. The ink is applied comfortably and from the first time. Excellent healing, no allergic reactions to the skin, and color retention after healing guarantee your client’s satisfaction with the result. It’s a little thicker color in a compound, it’s more like sour milk. On some parts, it looks creamier to use, and sometimes trying to mix it with different colors, takes a thin color like blue or purple, or dark green.

This white tattoo ink is ideal for those who prefer undiluted, thick ink that immediately gives a good, rich color. It is good for all tattoo styles. The ink Snow White Opaque is an original state where it is actually used to make white areas, white solid areas. So, this is used as a baseline and makes it a lot easier to start out on a good level than you know.


  • Thick and undiluted
  • Easy to work with
  • Bleaches black well
  • 100% Vegan-friendly
  • Doesn’t drip
  • Quick and easy healing
  • Slow consumption
  • 100% safe and sterile


  • There are a large number of fakes of this brand on the market


The brand offers its customers three different white tattoo inks to use for different purposes:

Mixing White

This Dynamic white tattoo ink is the classic ready-to-use white tattoo ink. The ink is used to create new shades or dilute dark colors. It is more liquid than the second formula, diluted, and ready to use.

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink Bottle.

Heavy White

Dynamic tattoo ink color heavy white.

This thick white tattoo ink is good for overlapping black. It is very saturated, one of the thickest of this ranking. It is ready to work for creating rich, vibrant white areas in your tattoo. But it can also be diluted to make it more liquid and less saturated.

Triple White ink is the “golden mean” in thickness; it is a creamy consistency white ink; good for white highlights.

There are many advantages to using Dynamic white tattoo ink. They are ideal for all tattoo styles, including Old School and New School. The high color density and richness of Dynamic tattoo inks will allow you to make perfect tattoos with rich colors which, unlike other inks, will last longer and the quality of the work will not be lost over time. Dynamic tattoo inks are great for beginners and professionals alike.


  • Remains white for a long time
  • There are different densities
  • Leaves no smudges
  • Lines are also sharp
  • No trouble during the healing process
  • No allergic reactions found
  • Easy to ink under the skin
  • Exceptional ease of work
  • Slow consumption
  • Reasonable price
  • Sold in various sizes


  • It can be hard to wash off the body


Starbrite White Tattoo Ink Review.

StarBrite inks are manufactured by Tommy’s Supply. This manufacturer offers the industry some of the brightest and purest white tattoo ink available. Like all other colors, the white StarBrite guarantees strong pigmentation and optimal consistency of the liquid in the bottle. The company also guarantees that the jars are sterile and protected. By the way, it is the white ink of this brand that has a particularly high satisfaction rate among tattoo artists.

User Experience

It can be used as-is, as well as to dilute other colors of tattoo inks. One of the best consistencies on the market: it is moderately thick and therefore easy to work with. There is no iron or nickel in the composition, it is safe and sterile.

Regarding healing, it is worth saying that this white tattoo ink does not lag behind its competitors on the market. It heals well and as quickly as possible. After healing, the shade of the ink obviously fades, but within the acceptable limits of the norm. That is, over the years, the tattoo remains bright, saturated, and does not require correction for a long time.

Many of the tattoo artists who often use white consider this StarBrite one of the best white inks for tattoos, which is why it holds a place of honor in this top. It is safe to say that it is the white ink out of the entire StarBrite line that is the highest quality and most practical to use. We highly recommend that you try it if you haven’t decided yet!


  • Perfect consistency
  • Very bright and versatile white color
  • Safe and sterile
  • Good quality-price ratio
  • The high degree of pigmentation with optimum density
  • Resistant to fading
  • Convenient to work with
  • Available in large and small quantities


  • Some find it a little sloppy, but that’s strictly individual


Power white millennium moms review.

Mom’s white tattoo inks are rightly famous for always being bright, juicy, and saturated colors. The inks are excellent applying, heal well and look beautiful and natural. They are guaranteed to be easy to work with and of the quality proven by many professionals!

Power white Millennium Moms ink is evenly applied to the different skin types. The ink is easy to use, the color is bright and highly pigmented. The skin recovers quickly, there is almost no irritation in the epidermis structure. This white ink is more liquid than the others in this review, however, it is quite pigmented, so it is recommended for use.


  • One of the best price for excellent quality
  • Convenient consistency
  • Homogeneous and no residue
  • Thick, even, bright pigmentation
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Long shelf life


  • Easily soiled
  • Bottles can leak


World of famous white tattoo ink.

Tattoo artists of international fame create their masterpieces with these quality tattoo inks. In 2008 the ink received the European award for quality ink and tattoo ResAP and continues its success on the world market.

As for the actual white ink produced by this brand, it is a classic white color. Portrait White is a finely dispersed white of low concentration, but dense enough for portraits and shading in color and black and white pieces. It is not thick in consistency, so it is ideal for realism tattooing. It doesn’t yellow after curing, the color stays rich and doesn’t go away or lighten.

This is a high-quality tattoo ink with a high pigment content. It is easy to apply and heals well. That is why World Famous is the market leader in many countries of the world.


  • Good consistency and opacity
  • Highly pigmented concentration within a medium density
  • Tattoos look juicy and neat after healing
  • Easy and densely to ink under the skin
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Safe on skin
  • Convenient bottles
  • EU approved


  • Price is a little higher than average


Eternal tattoo ink white.

Eternal produces a soft white tattoo ink. It is ideal for depicting white feathers, light highlights, and blurry clouds. White Eternal’s highly concentrated white tattoo ink is excellent and easy to apply under the skin. It looks realistically white after healing, preserving the original color for years to come. This tattoo ink from Eternal is ideal for tattooing any area. There is a protective seal from the manufacturer – protection against tampering.


  • Highly concentrated white color
  • There is protection against counterfeiting
  • 100% Vegan Safe
  • Heals well
  • Low consumption
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Price is above average


Many tattoo artists don’t use white tattoo ink in their tattoos. But those who use white get contrasts between light and dark colors and widen the range of color tones to each very like color which improves the effect. Let us suggest you learn what criteria to follow and how to choose the best white tattoo ink if you are a beginner or continuing tattoo artist. Be sure, with the right ink, you can make the most of your potential to create incredible tattoos.


  • White ink grinds the needles. That is, the peculiarity of working with this tattoo ink is that when a lot of white and bleached shades are used, then large particles of white ink grind the needles and leave metal particles in the skin. So if you have a tattoo with a lot of white shades, you also have a lot of metal. This is especially important for people who are allergic to metal.
  • Very dirty. White tattoo ink is very staining, that is why it is almost always applied at the end. Only when all the elements of the tattoo are already applied, then the tattoo artist proceeds to white. By the way, clients often say that white feels the most painful tattooing process. This is due to the fact that it is applied at the end when the skin is already badly damaged.
  • Tends to turn yellow. Not all white tattoo inks turn yellow, only low-quality ones. This is because titanium dioxide tends to oxidize slightly. If the poor-quality pigment is used in the production of white ink, not completely purified, etc., then after a few years, the white on the skin can become creamy. This is one of the reasons why it is worth choosing a quality and proven brand of white tattoo ink.
  • You have to be able to apply it well and right. Since the color is the densest, you need to know how to tattoo with it. It is best to tattoo white in one go, taking your time, gradually. Do not push the ink too deep, but not enough pressure, in this case, is not an option either.
  • Mixing a white tattoo ink with other colored tattoo inks does not work as obviously as it may seem. It’s not always, or rather almost never, when you mix colored tattoo ink with white, you simply don’t get a less bright shade. Rather, it will turn out to be more pastel. Each type of white ink has its own special effect when mixed with colored or black ink and when applied to the skin. One may be thicker and suitable for the graywash; another may have a powdery texture and make the color less bright, more pastel. The result depends on the type of white ink. So be careful when mixing tattoo inks, this process is different from regular inks.
  • Entirely white ink tattoos are a little shameful. Many of you ask the question is it possible to get a tattoo that’s only white ink with no black outlines, no other colors, no nothing, just white. White ink tattoos are more subtle, more subdued, less contrasty so a lot of people want to get a tattoo that’s not gonna look quite as bold as would if they got it entirely with black ink. On the other hand, a lot of people like to be more specific or extraordinary with white ink tattoos. But the answer to this question is pretty compleх. There are exceptions to that but in general, getting the white ink tattoos with only white ink is a bad idea.

You should know that the fashion for white tattoos is due to the fact that their photos on the Internet are almost always recent and unhealed tattoos. Healing, entirely white tattoo ink is covered by a new layer of the epidermis, hence, the white will yellow or brown, in general changing color. Thus, you can’t expect them to be paper-white because that’s not how tattoos work. So at best it will be yellow, but at worst it will look just like a scar or worse. White is used only in combination with other colors so never be fooled by photos of bright, solid white tattoos


The question of the best white tattoo ink often raises even among experienced tattoo artists who use white often. Such questions, certainly, are connected with peculiarities of healing of these inks, with usability in the application process of it under the skin, etc. Our editorial offered our list of the best white tattoo inks and brands, from which you can choose the one that will work best for you. We covered which ones are denser and which ones are more fluid, as well as providing an overall picture of the healing properties and other features of this ink. If you want a thick and highly pigmented tattoo ink, choose Intenze. If you prefer to tattoo with more liquid ink, try Dynamic Mixing White ink. Either way, you’ll be happy with your choice, because there’s not a single tattoo ink on this list that doesn’t heal well or hold color for years to come.

Hopefully, the review was useful to you and you’ve decided what white tattoo ink would be the best for you.

Also, if you’ve bought the tattoo ink from this ranking, please write to us about your experiences so we can add as many opinions to this review as possible.