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The Best Tattoo Ink Sets in 2022

As a tattoo artist, you will want your ink to be top quality in order to create the perfect designs on your clients.

Not only do you want them to look good, but you want them to be long-lasting, providing vibrancy and color for years to come.

Below, we have listed some tattoo ink sets that’ll cater to your every desire, from your standard black and white inks, to themed sets based around specific shades.

All the Basics: Mast Ink Mixed Color Set

Here is an ink set from a reputable brand that is one of our personal favorites.

Mast Tattoo Ink is a brand that develops professional, pre-dispersed ink designed to give tattoo artists more vibrant, longer lasting colors. 

This ink penetrates the skin readily, protrudes brazenly, and keeps its intensity long after it has healed. Mast’s products are hard to beat, and are great to have and use.

Mast has consistently demonstrated its dependability, and this collection only strengthens our argument.

This tattoo ink set includes all the fundamental hues that a tattoo artist will require for basic designs.

The following hues are included in this set:

  • High White
  • Triple Black
  • Light Red
  • Lightning Yellow
  • Light Green
  • True Blue
  • Light Purple

The bottles in this set are 0.5oz each.

Every Color Imaginable: Intenze 101 Color Tattoo Ink Set

There are several factors why the Intenze brand has evolved into one of the most popular tattoo ink brands in the world.

This firm offers a huge variety of colors, the highest quality tattoo ink available in all hues, and high-grade made goods.

For a variety of reasons, their 101 Color Tattoo Ink Set is outstanding.

Over 100 top-notch colored inks that you won’t find anywhere else are yours for a reasonable price. 

With this set, you can get every color of the rainbow (and then some), so you can say goodbye to blending different colored inks to create your desired hue. 

Here are just a few of the colors included in this set: 

  • Zuper Black
  • Snow White Opaque
  • Golden Yellow
  • Bright Red
  • True Magenta
  • Grasshopper Green
  • Deep Indigo
  • Rose Pink
  • Tangerine
  • Bahama Blue

If you’re looking for an ink set with the utmost range and variety when it comes to colors, while maintaining the quality that your clients deserve, this may be the ultimate set for you.

Color Themed Sets: Dynamic Tattoo Ink Themed Color Sets

Once you have all the primary colors in your possession, you might want to broaden your horizons by focusing on more niche colors and themes. This is where Dynamic’s ink sets, which offer a wide variety, come in.

In addition to their standard sets, which include the usual colored inks, Dynamic also offers a number of themed sets that are ideal for when you want to pick up a few certain tones and tints.

Here are just a few of Dynamic’s themed tattoo ink sets that may pique your interest:

  • The Ghosts set includes a full range of your standard black and white inks, including the following colors:
    • White
    • Triple White
    • Heavy White
    • Black
    • Triple Black
  • The Oceans set is filled with all the blue hues that you could ever ask for, from lighter shades to the deepest colors of the ocean. Here are the shades included in this set:
    • Blue
    • Sky Blue
    • Electric Blue
    • Teal
    • Turquoise
  • The Lips and Roses set is perfect for those designs involving… well, lips and roses, as well as anything else that’s colored red. Here are the shades included:
    • Magenta
    • Wine Red
    • Fire Red
    • Chinese Red
    • Burgundy Red
  • The Jungle set includes all the tropical colors that you would expect, based around shades of yellow and green. Here are the shades included in this set:
    • Canary Yellow
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Green
    • Lime Green
    • Leaf Green
  • The Candy set is filled with five pastel colors that are as vibrant as they are pretty. Here are the shades included:
    • Bubblegum
    • Hot Pink
    • Sky Blue
    • Lavender
    • Turquoise

Each of these sets are available in bottles of 1oz and 4oz. 

Earth/Skin Tones: Intenze Earth Tones Color Tattoo Ink Set

While sourcing the conventional primary colors and black and white inks isn’t too difficult, earth tones should be a part of every artist’s color palette.

Tattoo Ink Sets (1)

Intenze has once more done a fantastic job with these hues. 

This Earth Tones set is incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind, and challenging to recreate.

The top professionals in the tattoo industry have long awaited and tested this particular kit, as earth tones can be difficult to come by, especially ones of great quality.

The Earth Tones tattoo ink set includes the following shades:

  • Auburn
  • Desert Sand Light
  • Desert Sand Medium
  • Desert Sand Dark
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Rusty Brown
  • Army Green
  • Mud Green
  • Ochre
  • Earth

Final Thoughts 

No matter what colors you are seeking out, there is an option for you in our list above.

Each brand mentioned are favorites of ours, as they provide quality, longevity, and vibrancy; each being qualities that we look for in tattoo ink.

These options are also great quality for their prices; it will be difficult to find a better offer, so we recommend jumping on these brands right away.

Give them a try, and let us know what you think.

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We hope that you found what you were looking for in this article.