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Industrial Piercing – Features and Aftercare

Industrial Piercing – Features and Aftercare
An industrial piercing is a double piercing of the auricle. The artist pierces the ear twice and connects the holes with a single piece of jewelry. This double perforation is mainly found in the upper ear cartilage, although various placement options are emerging. A curved or straight barbell is used to connect the two ear … Read more

How to become a tattoo artist

How to become a tattoo artist
A tattoo artist is a person who carries the huge responsibility of creating a permanent drawing on another person’s body. In most cases, whether a tattoo will look like a masterpiece or the next partac depends on the tattoo artist’s skill. How does one become a tattoo artist who is successful, talented, and in demand? … Read more

Types of ear piercings based on location

types of ear piercings
LOBE As the softest part of the ear, the lobe is the easiest to puncture. This type of ear piercing heals quite quickly with proper care DOUBLE AND TRIPLE LOBE (IN THE UPPER LOBE) You are unlikely to fit in more than three punctures in the lobe, as it leads up to the cartilage. You … Read more

100+ Ideas and Designs Best Unique Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are very popular and often full of meaning for their owners. People often get tattoo roses, flowers, bracelets, animals in the wrist area. Many people who are not ready for large images on their body, like to get small, simple, and cute tattoos on their wrists. Others choose something larger and more visible. We’ve put together … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide To The Helix Piercing

Your Ultimate Guide To The Helix Piercing
The helix piercing is one of the most fashionable ear piercings in the world, having gained popularity in recent decades. And, for good reason! Some people get worried about the pain of a helix piercing, and this can be enough to put them off the idea. However, as long as you follow the correct steps, … Read more

How Much To Tip A Tattoo Artist: Tattooers Weigh In

How Much To Tip A Tattoo Artist
As a rule, tipping your tattoo artist should be incorporated into the overall cost of your tattoo when booking and receiving a new piece of ink. Although tipping your artist is not necessary, numerous artists expect and welcome it. How much should you tip a tattoo artist? In this article, we have looked at the … Read more

What Side Of My Nose Should I Pierce?

women with side nose piercing
Nose piercings – more specifically, nostril piercings – are some of the most fashionable, ‘in’ piercings a person can get, no matter their gender or style. In this day and age, it is becoming more common to see someone with a stud in their nose than their ear lobes. A nose stud or ring is … Read more

17 Killer Dagger Tattoo Designs

dagger tattoo designs
Individuals have been getting tattoos of dagger designs for years upon years, and they still remain fashionable to this day. But, what does a dagger represent? What style suits this weapon the best, when it comes to getting your own piece of ink done? In this article, we will be looking at the facts about … Read more