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InkedWay is an online tattoo magazine designed to inspire people to take action. Every day we select ideas and photos for you, information on tattoo styles, new sketches, and the latest news

Here you will find only all the latest information! We constantly and dynamically update all the information on the site, select new photos and illustrations, make the content fresh and relevant to maximize its usefulness. We also often write about new trends and developments in the tattoo world, so we offer you to subscribe to our newsletter as well. We promise to write only on business and useful.

For the convenience of using the site, we have broken down all articles on themes of styles, ideas, as well as topics for male and female tattoos. Also, we try to collect a base of the best sketches and styles of tattoos.

Our goal is to create a resource with which you can not only find a suitable sketch but also to be inspired to create your own drawing with the help of our section on tattoo ideas.


Tattoo artists are creators who value art and are creative about their work. To meet a master who does not care about what he does is rather an exception, and rare. The authors of this site - not an exception. InkedWay team is created on general principles - we all want to CREATE content that will be useful, relevant and valuable to the reader.

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